What is it we have become, it seems to me its more than apparent that we are DRAWN to "Controlling Sadistic Politicians" and most of which have a "Messianic Complex"...As a child grown up we would call those types;"Little Hitler's"...They have visions of Grandeur, they are Narcissists, they are classic Sociopaths, they are mean, hateful & the absolutely "get they rocks off" by inflicting pain & control.....

Somewhere along the path they turned to "Mind Control" and to "Propaganda" because they needed VICTIMS to inflect their Sadistic Sodomizing Debilitating Pain on....So now they have a NATON of Fools that has become MASOCHISTIC, that loves being held in Bondage, Tied Up & being Humiliated .....AMERICANS whatever they hell they are apparently love their Servitude & Now their Slavery they couldn't wait to give up EVERYTHING....Freedom who cares...just tell me what you want "My Master, My Father & Now My God"....

We have entrusted our Lives, our Hopes, our Dreams, our Faith & our only Prayer for a better life in PEOPLE who'd sell us out to SATAN in a heartbeat....In fact I think they have....They have No Redeeming QUALITIES....they are liars, thieves & murderers.....They Wear the Costume of a Suit & Saint yet have the Tongue of the classic;"Silver Tongued Devil" himself....And the Pathetic AMERICAN public lap it up like its a GIFT From God & Heaven...  Speaking for myself I have NO appetite for Poison or Servitude....However I'm not into Forgiving My Enemies....I will leave that to a better man...I will return the Hate & Disrespect this Evil Government has for me in kind...May they ALL, everyone of them BURN IN HELL ...the sooner the better....

I have come to the conclusion I no longer belong in this World...I simply do not understand this kind of EXPLICIT, Bazaar Behavior....modified or not....How can you or is it WE build a FUTURE with No Visionaries & men or women  with Knowledge, Wisdom, Kindness, Willingness & Love for Life, the Gift of Family & friends....And we haven't even hit BOTTOM yet,,,,By the time NURSE CRATCHET (LESBO HILLARY) gets done building our Prison Ship, Prison Colony and Prison MORTUARY , our days & chances will have passed, be over & it will be too Damn Late....
And you can send me dead flowers every morning
Send me dead flowers by the mail
Send me dead flowers to my wedding
And I won't forget to put roses on your grave.....

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