If you crawl into a den of Rattlesnakes you have a very high Probability of being bitten  
If you hang around SKUNKS you will eventually be sprayed....
If you hang around Perverts sooner or later you'll be associated with them
If you have Friends that are Crooks & may very well be seen as one
If your're told a lie often enough you will sooner of later accept it as the truth...  
If you're drugged, sedated, drunk or High you just may believe a illusion, delusion is reality..
If you accept Pathological liars as'll never know, see or hear the truth
If you accept the premise that all of the above is not a good thing & is harmful or deadly, why is it we apparently accept that as a Qualification for our Leaders, be that Congress, The Senate, The Presidency, Church Leaders, Community Organizers or what have you????

Something is VERY Wrong here....All of the ABOVE describes a Dictatorship...And I don't want to hear all the CRAP bout AMERICA being a REPUBLIC ...the Republic  is DOA, the Illusion, the Myth , the Lie or the Propaganda is all that's left of the OLD AMERICA ....That is other than a few old Relics like myself who remember different days, not PERFECT Days...but Honest, Truthful, Hard or Tough Times ....They weren't full of Lies & no they weren't, "The Days Of Wine Or Roses"...but they weren't steeped in Misery, Control,Deceit & Fraud like they are today....
Think about it...If anyone of us BEHAVED & did the things our FAUX LEADERS in WASHINGTON as well as STATE Legislators do everyday & every minute we'd be in PRISON....And In My Opinion we are already in one we are just to DUMB to admit it...
There was a book, a movie called, "THEY SHOOT HORSES DON'T THEY"....Question: have we taken the POISON PILL's forthcoming ...

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