The Patriots Daily Bites of American History Series 18, Volume 2: End of war of 1812 New Treaty




The Patriots Daily Bites of American History Series, Volume 2 
 American History 18, volume 2  
 End of war of 1812 New Treaty: 
by Gregory Dixon US History teacher 1956: 
Just after Jackson’s victory at the Battle of New Orleans:

When the news of the new treaty of peace was on its way from England delegates from most of the New England States met in Hartford, Connecticut in secret session. The enemies said that New England convention was called to dissolve the union but the delegates declared that they had met to secure the defense of the New England States and to propose certain amendments to the Constitution. Nevertheless, the foundation was laid for the division of the union by the convention of the New England States. James Monroe was elected president in 1817 and served two terms to 1825.

Monroe, like Washington, got his education on the battlefield. When the Revolution broke out he was a student in the college of William and Mary. He laid down his books and went to do his part in the cause for liberty. At eighteen years old he was among the gallant officers who helped gain the Liberty of Trenton, New Jersey. Monroe was elected president by a large majority of both republicans and democrats against the federalists.

Mr. Monroe stood by the ruins of the Capitol at Washington when he took his oath of office and delivered his inaugural address. the British had burned but had not wholly destroyed the Large structure and the foundation remained unharmed. At that time workers were busily engaged in rebuilding it. The president’s address to the people was full of encouragement. It seemed to them that the solid foundation of the Capitol stood as an image of the nation and that like that foundation....even so...the country would surely exist.

(to be continued)
 Monroe Doctrine...Law of Nations.. 

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