The Patriots Daily Bites of American Reformation History Series 5, Volume 3:Missouri Compromise




The Patriots Daily Bites of American  Reformation History Series 5, Volume 3
 Declaration of Restoration February 14, 2014


Declaration of Restoration February 14, 2014 We The People of the United States of America, seeking the assistance of our Creator, do declare that we have sinned against heaven and neglected our duty to remain vigilant in the defense of our liberties and the Rights he has bestowed upon us. We humbly beseech you for forgiveness for our neglect and ask for guidance and wisdom as we seek to restore what we’ve allowed to be usurped.

This is part of the Restoration Declaration.... For decades the Republic was plundered by the imposition of the Income Tax… the deadline of this tyrannical tax was April 15th. Therefore, as an act of defiance to the globalist bankers whose greed and lust for power has brought the American economy to its knees, it is our intent to begin the implementation of the plan to restore lawful government as of that day… turning it from a day of infamy to the second Independence Day!

Since the Federal Government prevented the legitimate secession of the Confederate States of America from the Union by force, it has exercised dominance over those States as well as the other States of the Union in contravention of the Constitution that formed, defines the powers of, and limits it. At the conclusion of that conflict, the former States of Confederacy were placed under Federal occupation and required to ratify amendments as a condition of regaining their seats in Congress; such coercion falls under the principle of duress and cannot be construed to be the act of freewill… making all such amendments void and not a part of the Constitution.

To remove the usurpation, fraud, and deceit perpetrated against the limitations of the Constitution and restore our limited constitutional government, we hereby seek the restoration of our Constitution as of January 1, 1860, before the commencement of hostilities of the civil war; the Constitution at this time included the original 13th Amendment. This is not to be construed as the reinstitution of slavery and Congress is urged to propose Amendments to remove all language regarding that institution once the Republic and State representation in the Senate has been restored.5 minutes ago · Unlike ·

1 It is hereby recognized as well that the opinions of the Supreme Court do not affect the laws or powers of any State but only the litigants in the particular case before the Court. Furthermore, only expressed powers are applicable in deciding cases before the Court, not “implied powers”, “public policy”, or the “public good;” the Constitution is to be enforced literally, as written; nor is the Supreme Court to acknowledge either International law nor laws of any other country or organization superior to the Constitution when deciding any case before it. Support for anything in contravention of the Constitution by any judge or Justice is cause for immediate dismissal from the bench; such support expressed from the bench shall be construed as a confession in open court.

Proposal for either an amendment to the Federal Constitution or a Federal statute as the restored Congress determines appropriate.

Anyone who has taken the oath of office is obligated to the duties described therein. Every officer that has violated the terms of their oath, as evidenced by their actions recorded in the public record, is subject to removal from office by any officer aware of the evidence of such usurpation regardless of rank or title. The term of office of anyone violating their oath shall expire as of the commission of the violation.

All officers, before taking the oath of office shall be required to take a competency examination on the text of the Constitution(s), including all amendments attached thereto; they shall also be informed of their duty to immediately remove or cause to be removed anyone guilty of violating their oath regardless of rank or office. PL Sturgis...I found this Declaration of second Independence on facebook. It was sent to me by a disabled veteran and I do not know who wrote it but I do know it matches with the 5 reference Public School Books I have been researching dated 1885 to 1956. The truth does not change.

This is absolutely flabbergasting as it says the same thing in the 1885 Public School book which wasn't more than a decade or 2 from the passing of the 14th amendment. I would think it has to be true because these men were there at the time and it has been deliberately hidden from us.

I did not know about the Protestant reformation till I was 53 years old. I'll have to give you my testimony of that some time. That is shocking also.

Missouri Compromise:

Barnes History: 70 year period from Washington to Buchanan

Gregory Dixon...US History:

Slavery had been dying out in the north but only because free labor was more profitable. The South was extremely warm and workers were needed to produce tobacco. When Missouri applied to join the union as a slave state a great dispute arose about this in congress. Many people argued there should be a slave state for every free state so North and south States could have equal representation. The quarrel was settled by Henry clay who persuaded both sides to agree to what was called the Missouri Compromise.

This provided for Missouri being permitted but on more states north of the southern Missouri Boundary.

According to Dixon:
The spirit of good feeling continued to remain for a long time after Monroe’s presidency in 1825 but between 1789 and 1861 there was one sad difference. Washington left US as a united people. Buchanan’s presidency left a divided people. Washington left the nation united by common law under One God and One Constitution. Buchanan left with a nation divided under all accounts.

President Buchanan made no attempt to prevent the states from seceding. Parts of his cabinet were southern men who were in full sympathy with southern leaders and the president did not see how to act. The seceded states seized the forts, arsenals and other property within their limits so far as they could do so. The general summary from President Washington to President Buchanan from 1789 to 1861, as we look back, we see that more than 70 years had elapsed since the formation of the union.

We then had a population of less than 4 million. In 1861 with the outbreak of the secession we had 8 times that number and much more than 8 times the wealth possessed by US in 1789. From a small and poor nation we had grown to be great and prosperous.
PL Sturgis:

I read this and it reminded me of the division going on today. We can learn from history as it certainly does repeat, in cycles it seems to repeat every 70 years. George Washington said about foreign affairs: “There is a rank due to the United States among nations which will be withheld. if not absolutely lost, by the reputation of weakness. If we desire to avoid insult we must be able to repel it; if we desire peace it must be known that we are at all times ready for war. To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace.”

(to be continued)
Why the influence of christianity had eroded
To be Continued in the Next Daily Bites of History Series
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