The Patriots Daily Bites of American History Series 20 :Wayne’s Victory? John Paul Jones




The Patriots Daily Bites of American History Series # 20
 by Gregory Dixon...US History 1956 Savannah taken:
 Wayne’s Victory? John Paul Jones: 

The enemy now transferred the war to the south.

Their plan was to begin at Georgia and conquer northward. Then in case the English Government was forced to make peace they hoped to be able to keep the southern territory. King George was prudent. “Half a loaf was better than none.” The last of the year (December 29,1778) an expedition attacked Savannah. the British had three men to our one and they took the city.

The next year, 1779, there was a calmness but in the high lands of the Hudson River the British had taken possession of the fort at Stony Point. So long as they held it our men could not cross the river at King’s Ferry. It was the principle crossing place between New England and the Southern States. Mad Anthony Wayne under Washington’s direction took the fort (July 15,1779) at midnight at the point of a bayonet never firing a shot.

The capture of the fort stopped the British plans for ravaging Connecticut. They found they had to use all their forces to hold the Hudson River. The next autumn brought glorious news. Captain John Paul Jones, the first man to hoist an American Flag over an American war ship had, with the help of Benjamin Franklin, fitted out three or four vessels in our defense. With one of them a half rotten old hulk (ship used for prisoners) he boldly attacked and captured two British men of war. The flight took place on the north sea off Flamborough head on the English Coast. After that most humiliating defeat England still boasted she was mistress of the sea.

(to be continued)

The British takes Charleston:

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