The Patriots Daily Bites of American History Series 24 :King George meets with John Adams to discuss treaty of peace




The Patriots Daily Bites of American History Series # 24
 by Gregory Dixon...US History 1956 
King George meets with John Adams to discuss treaty of peace:

When the news of Yorktown conquered by washington and his army reached London and was announced to Lord North, then the prime minister of the British Government, he threw up his arms as though a cannon ball had struck him and cried out wildly, “IT IS ALL OVER!” and then resigned his office! At the opening of Parliament in 1782, the King, in a voice choked with emotion, announced that he was ready to acknowledge the United States.

 He closed his speech by saying that it was his earnest prayer that religion, language, interest, and affection might prove a bond of permanent union between the two countries. the final treaty of peace between Britain and United States was signed at Paris in 1783. IT SECURED TO USA THE THIRTEEN STATES WITH MAINE AND THE TERRITORY WEST OF THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER! Our first minister to England was John Adams of massachusetts. 

The King said to him:

 “Sir, I will be very free with you. I was the last to consent to this separation but with the separation having been made---I have always said as I say now--- that I would be the first to meet the friendship of the United States as an independent power.” 

Though America had won her independence she had not secured harmony and union. While the war lasted the states fought like brothers side by side. Now that the danger was over they threatened to fall apart. Under the Articles of federation the congress adopted the nation had no president. It had only a congress destitute of power. 

It might pass useful laws but it could not compel the people to obey them. It might beg the people to give money but it could not make them furnish it. The truth is that the people had come out of the war in a distressed condition. They were heavily in debt and business was at a stand still. 

Gold and silver was scarce and there was an abundance of paper money that meant nothing. Distress grew worse and the states quarreled with each other about boundary lines, commerce and trade. They were beginning to become thirteen hostile nations. A man could not buy and sell freely outside his own state.

(to be continued)
Shay’s Rebellion

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