Mismanagement and BLM are Destroying Mizzou

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Capitulation always brings loss:
by Skyler Miller |  
Anonymous sources have contacted Western Free Press over concerns they have with the financial stability of the University of Missouri in the wake of the recent Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest controversy. These sources have also described what they believe to be a deliberate attempt by the BLM organization to undermine school administration as part of a university takeover. In order to protect these sources it is important to maintain their anonymity, therefore no specific names or figures will be presented, however it is safe to say that certain departments within Mizzou are facing financial turmoil directly as a result of the recent campus invasion by BLM as well as years of mismanagement of department funds.

Key donors have withdrawn their financial support of the institution, and enrollment has fallen by at least 900 students. I personally spoke with multiple students from area community colleges who have changed their minds about attending Mizzou due to their disgust with the BLM protests and the lack of administrative action on the matter. My sources have revealed that plummeting enrollment rates and the exodus of key funding avenues has sent certain departments into a panic. Some departments have overspent with the feeling that funds would continue to grow, however the recent BLM protests have forced some within Mizzou’s administration to recognize the harsh truth that spending will have to be severely cut in order to maintain operations. This could potentially result in layoffs and restructuring of courses offered at the university. One specific issue that I noted during my recent trip to Mizzou was the overpayment of graduate students. Mizzou recently ended the subsidization of grad student health insurance, however I spoke with various grad students who noted that they are being subsidized by the university at a high enough level that they could quit their part-time job. This level of student subsidization is a likely contributor to the current financial trouble faced by the university.

Another important piece of information provided by my anonymous sources comes in the form of firsthand accounts of the BLM protests. My sources informed me that many of the individuals participating in the protest were not students and in fact many of the BLM protestors had arrived on buses. This is a common BLM tactic which was also recently employed in Ferguson and Baltimore. Agitators are bused in from other cities and states with the goal of creating social unrest at a key location in order to further the agenda of BLM. In this case, my sources have noted that students continue to demand the installation of black administrators at Mizzou in order to combat what they perceive to be ‘institutional racism’ at the university.

The bottom line on this issue is that Mizzou administration allowed outside forces to infiltrate the university and convince impressionable students to destroy the reputation of Mizzou. The university is now facing a major public relations problem that is unlikely to improve in the near future. After speaking with my sources I feel confident in my estimation that enrollment will continue to drop. Administrators at other universities should look to Mizzou as an example of how NOT to react to BLM subversion tactics.

Source: Western Free Press

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