AMERICAN PATRIOTS SERIES-27 : American people wake up

 This Is a ongoing series of Letters,Essays,and Opinions that you my Patriotic friends want to share with your friends and countrymen .This is your Last Stand my friends.

Where freedom of speech is not stifled,
Freedom of Speech is Celebrated, not 
Condemned !!!

What is a true and genuine American Patriot; what are the components?

"I believe that a very important component is holding onto the values that have been passed onto us by the patriots that have gone before us. Some of those values are faith, family, freedom, sanctity of life from conception to natural death with the inherent dignity and value of every human being being acknowledged and respected, hard work and earning a place/position in society, helping our neighbors, personally supporting those in real need and living out all these values out in our daily lives. 

An American patriot would deeply love our country and faithfully participate in the political process, which requires study to become knowledgeable and well-informed to make the best choices that conform to our constitutional boundaries. Holding to the standards established by the Declaration and Constitution is a really important part of it because our identity as a people and nation ...was formed and developed from them. All of our American values were birthed from our Biblical foundation which permeated all aspects of society from the education and the arts to law and government, reaching from the lowest economic places to the highest levels of achievement and everything in between.

It was the air we all breathed and it made this country so different from all other places and it bound us together as a people. We might be rich, we might be poor, but achievement in any area of life by anyone was celebrated and served to show others that it could be done. We were unashamed to have heroes, to read about them, tell their stories, and learn from their lives. And for many years so many patriots were birthed out of this American soil, decent, strong, brave and true patriots who sacrificially served out of love and duty."
We're all grateful for the patriots we've been privileged to know.


Maybe someday when the American people wake up, and realize that the American citizens, have no input into government maybe then things will change !

 We have no input in what laws are written or pasted, we have no input on how much money Congressman or the Senators make or what their benefits are, we have no input or control in the process of running government when our elections are fixed and rigged to keep the same people and corporations in power ! . We have no input on how much taxes we will be charged or what we will be forced to pay on regulations that are forced on us by mandatory compliance, with the threat of violence from the government.

 So how can this be a nation of the people and by the people, if the majority of the people are not involved in any of the building processes, any of the law writing processes, any of the control processes that affect the citizens of the United States of America, we are nothing more than silent stockholders of a corporation on the path of destruction and bankruptcy ! 

The only thing the United States government, or the political parties that are in power give the citizens, is all the responsibilities of a parent over delinquent children, intoxicated on drugs and alcohol, or possessed by a mental illness ! The only power given to the citizens of United States of America is the responsibility of fault and negligent of the political parties raping and pillaging the wealth and the fruits of this nation from the backs and the pockets of its citizens ! 

We are slaves to an organized crime syndicate known as the American Bar Association, that manipulation the entire United States government, and makes it citizens nothing more than slaves to its unjust laws, regulations, and taxes, with very little or no hope for the average citizen to succeed in life !!!

  Bill Sharpe

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