What does it say about a Culture,a Society,its People, it's Media & its Worthless but "Affluent," Corrupt Lawless Vile & Evil Government that HILLERY Cannot be stopped.....That she is  our HEIR APPARENT...to become our Empress, Dictator, Warden but anything but the GUARDIAN of our Freedoms, our Wealth, our Dreams, our Prayers, our Hopes, our Faith our Loves of Family and the AMERICA of yesterday .....Essentially every poll with every potential CANDIDATE has her winning....The SIXTY-FOUR MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION is WHY???????
Poll after every Poll has her as the most Corrupt, least Trustworthy & most Foul-Mouthed Conniving BITCH in Washington, New York or wherever the Hell she claims as Home...YET there she sits, spits with her Smelly Arm-pits & Gagging Jackass like or is it a HYENA like Flatulence we interpret as laughter....Oh well....
What if I inferred that this just one big CON to make Everyone believe the LIE, to keep the Pathetically STUPID Sheep, AKA known as Land Dwellers, Homo-Sapiens (well the HOMO part is right) to not figure out the ILLUSION isn't Real, the GAME IS RIGGED....It is Essentially one GREAT ..(drum roll please) PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN....financed by the ,"NEW WORLD ORDER" group run by the Rothschilds & George Soros  ....

The purpose or Design of the Lie is to keep you from ASKING Questions, to resign yourself to the Loss, to relent & give in to the Emerging,"POLICE STATE".....To keep you from even VOTING just as they did in the last RIGGED ELECTION....Think about this Less People, Sheep , Fools or IDIOTS voted in the LAST ELECTION (Romney-Obama) than did the PRIOR ELECTION (McCain-Obama)...everyone stayed home....WHAT THE.................. Is going on here?
I'm going to be HONEST here & say this AGAIN....I'll Vote for anyone to keep that Lying Evil Bitch out of office.....So why don't we just STOP with all his Personal Posturing of our Preferences for the Empty-Suited POTUS.....And I will try my best not to get caught up in the VITRIOLIC HYPERBOLE that apparently goes on 24/7....and may I remind you 90% of the CRAP you hear, read & see is EXCREMENT.....Come on now people you do remember what the smell in the OUTHOUSE is & where it came from.....UNBELIEVABLE

WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE....NOW...AMERICA'S become a Nation of Ball-less Cowards who see the Transsexuals like BRUCE ( ? ) JENNER as HERO's .....May God help us  we are DROWNING in our own CESSPOOL of Delusions, Illusions that have only one real Solution or ending....DEATH.....Come on "All Ye Lemming's" we need to jump on CUE....

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