By Robby Bowling

In today's Alternate Reality, Barry, Valerie, Kerry & Mr Open Borders George Soros's new best Friend IRAN released a Propaganda Film depicting our Captured Sailors as Cry-Babies & Cowards...while bestowing ACCOLADES & HONORS upon his own...Don't you just love GREAT LOVING FRIENDS like that....Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to Criticize those who genuinely fear for their lives...but their BALL-LESS Leaders in WASHINGTON...I sure will....This now Effeminate Cowardly leadership is what the IRANIAN'S are really laughing at...Hell think about it We allowed another AMERICAN Hating Third World Muslim Dictatorship to run Roughshod over us like a spoiled Cry-Baby..

So think about this all-yea stupid fools...while we are being PLAYED for the Fools we apparently are....by allowing IRAN to get NUKES....via Backdoor agreement.s....BARRY the Spoiled Muslim Brat is doing his BEST to disarm (GUNS) this Country .... As well as kill the Coal Industry...The reality is that GEORGE SOROS owns pieces of the action in those Businesses...The DAMN EVIL Bastard is Getting RICHER off of all this STAGED FOLLY........he is laughing his ass off at Our infinite STUPIDITY ....

Shakespeare once wrote the line, " TO BE OR NOT TO BE"....apparently, we /this country or society chose the latter for we are well on our way out....sadly...Stupidity Reigns ...

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