The Patriots Daily Bites of American History Series 4:The War for Independence





The Patriots Daily Bites of American History Series # 4

The War for Independence 1763 to 1789:

 paragraph 1 American Commerce:

 How the New King George 111 interfered with trade:

 by Gregory Dixon and Bob Cosby: 

Up to the close of the war by which England had compelled the French to give up their hold on America the people of this country had prospered. During the war and for a long time before it, the laws which forbade the colonists to trade with any country except Great Britain had not been enforced. 

The result was that the New Englanders had made a great deal of money by trading with the French and Spanish and West Indies sending them lumber and fish and bringing back molasses and sugar from the French Islanders and bags of silver dollars from the Spaniards. Now all this profitable commerce was to stop when the New King George had come to the throne in England 1760. He was conscientious, narrow minded, obstinate and crazy at times. 

The new government was determined that the old laws be carried out. Ships of war were stationed along the American coast to stop free trade with the French and the Spaniards. In Boston and other large towns the King’s officers armed with warrants called “writs of assistance” began to break into men’s houses and shops and search them for smuggled goods. They did not ask for proof of guilt. They entered and searched when and where they pleased. In an ordinary search warrant the person applying to the magistrate for it must swear that he has good reason for suspecting the person he accuses and must have his name and no other inserted by the magistrate on the warrant.

 In the case of the writs of assistance it was entirely different. The officers wrote any name they pleased in the warrant and then entered and rummaged the man’s house from attic to cellar. Daily Bites of American History #5 The Stamp Act:
 (to be continued ,War is Coming)


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