More Thank 60 Killed in Jihadist Suicide Bombing

Boko Haram brutality is equal to that of ISIS. Both are essentially a collection of sub-human savages driven by blood lust in their outright genocidal war against Christians and fellow Muslims who are not "Muslim enough".

With US elections around the corner, terrorist attacks continue to increase in number and in ferocity around the world. A recent suicide bombing has killed more than 60 people in Nigeria. This is absolutely infuriating.
From Reuters: More than 60 people were killed by a twin suicide bomb attack at a camp in northern Nigeria for people displaced by an insurgency of the jihadist Boko Haram group, a military and emergency official said on Wednesday.
It took place on Tuesday, but a breakdown in the telephone system had prevented the information being made public earlier.
More from VideoNews:“So far, 65 persons have been confirmed killed while 150 were injured from the multiple blasts at the camp,” said one of the sources — who asked not to be identified because he is not authorized to speak to the media.A member of a local vigilante network, Adamu Adamu, said how the attackers infiltrated the camp remains a mystery since the entire area was heavily guarded and surrounded by a ditch dug by the Nigerian army.
“It was a devastating attack. No less than 65 persons have been confirmed killed, some burnt beyond recognition,” according to Adamu.This is the third major suicide attack in about two weeks in the region.
We need to elect a leader that is going to stand up against this madness, not defend Islam. This is an attempt at world domination here and it is merciless and evil. It must be stopped.

Source: Patriot Update

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