by Robby Bowling:  
Once Upon A Time, the world was a simpler place ..Not everything was hidden by an illusion....Nowadays there Has to be an AGENDA behind everything...Heaven's I actually remember when ,if you stuck you hand into a fire you actually got Burnt....This world apparently no longer recognizes what the true inherent boundaries are ....Apparently lines of distinction no longer exist...so I guess in today's couture....Bravery has been replaced with Cowardice....Intelligence apparently doesn't apply to stupidity.....Pain & fear are now a the new accepted normal ....Love has been replaced by Hate & Lust....What does that say about Greed? Is it just a side effect of Hate....which is also a new-normal....

How far down do we have to fall before we actually understand, that we've been Had, Conned & Screwed....But if you can't define it what do you do? Those who Supposedly Serve us actually not only Served Themselves, but the Rule & Control....the bewildering this is WHY have we allowed this, why do we put up with it & what will we do (If anything) to stop it? The way I see it the few of us that understand what's happen will bitch about it, but in the end do nothing....Because we are either Paralyzed with Fear in the PRISON we now live or we've GIVEN UP....

You know sadly the World was In Fact a Better Place when we took responsibility for our actions....It was supposed to be that way....FAILURE should not be Acceptable , but it is.....In fact APATHY is accepted & while it's perhaps understandable it shouldn't be tolerated....Think about it Goals & Achievements are SCORNED...that is.for anyone other than the Sociopath's that RULE in this now Dead Land...We should be ashamed....hell most of this culture has absolutely NO SHAME....And that is Telling....


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