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Hello my friends if your wondering why you haven't seen my post lately , it has come to my attention that there are groups out there using Facebook community standards, to bully and attack Facebook users, using Facebook to do their bullying for them. I was recently just blocked from Facebook from a post I wrote, that I could not find anything offensive about it, it's very difficult for someone to a write post, when Facebook does not specifically say or point out what the problem is, only that it is an anonymous complaint. It's interesting that the post that I wrote, received thousands of likes and comments, but yet Facebook removed it, and stopped me from participating in the Facebook community in which I have hundreds of friends. I would really like a response, to what part of the post was offensive, or why it was offensive. It's difficult for someone to understand the penalty, if you don't understand the foul .

 Thank You Bill Sharpe    

Who These People are and there agenda 

I am in FB jail until ? ? for making a post about All members of the National Guard, past and present need to stay engage with one another, need to stay informed, you are our hope and our future, remember National Guard, to defend the nation !!! And to defend our Constitution !!! ... FB needs some competition and needs to learn more about freedom of speech..... See ya When I get Out my Friends..


Offensive expression is what exactly needs protecting. It is the only speech that needs protection. No one complains about non offensive speech. If you are going to allow censorship of any form then you have to give the government the ability to decide what they feel is offensive. How easy is that to be abused?? This a use by government is what the Founding Fathers wanted to prevent by freedom of speech. How long before some religious or political speech would become offensive and censored?? Living in a free society you are going to be exposed to things and people that may be offensive to you. The point is that everyone has different ideas about what is offensive. Do we want to give the power to someone else to decide what is acceptable. If you don't like what is written on Facebook don't read it!! Don't tell me what I can or cannot write. Use the damn BLOCK option. I've used it many times when people write things that annoy the hell out of me. 1984 was a powerful work of fiction. I never dreamed we would be living it!!
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The Media Hides Another one !

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