by Robby Bowling

Some people are asking the Question; How did AMERICA get to the point that it could have an OPENLY Socialist Politician ( SANDERS) running for POTUS? What difference does it make now after all we ELECTED, "Barry The Great" a MUSLIM , a COMMUNIST, an AMERICAN HATER , Anglo Hater & a reputed Limp-Wristed lover of MEN....not once but TWICE - ....This Country will NEVER recover from the DAMAGE this "Third World Urchin " with a Messianic Complex has done....This Country Formally called AMERICA is dying on the VINE and most of the Inhabitants or Creatures of this Country are asking are asking for FREEBIES.....WE have just about hit BOTTOM....And we are not swimming in the proverbial Shark Infested Waters either.... We are DROWNING in a SEPTIC TANK....And there ain't TIDY-BOWL MAN to clean this EXCREMENT HOLE up with either....

It is PAST the point in time where we understand that the Prevailing Winds don't beckon well for OUR FUTURE or anyone elses....unless you are a MUSLIM or part of the Ruling Elite....SERVITUDE ....I hope you enjoy it...

I guess THE FUTURE LOOKS SO BRIGHT, that we will need BLINDERS to keep us from being BLINDED BY THE LIGHT !

Good luck in the NEXT LIFE , for we've turned this one into "Hell"

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