America Is Slowly Rotting From The Core

"Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" would seem to be the goal of citizens. Making one's own decisions, and taking one's own risks without encumbrance from the state are inevitable implications in that most famous phrase of the American Declaration Of Independence. Colonial America was populated by those Europeans seeking a modicum of free will in their daily lives. Upon its founding as an independent nation, the immigrants who came had the same ideals of freedom in their daily lives with little if any hindrance from a divine right monarch governing their every move.

Unfortunately, the cycle of history eventually kicked in and there arose far too any who simply were not up to the task of handling freedom. This writer does not like to use the term lazy as an inherent trait to this group, but laziness did become the result of a government created school of entitlement. The "authorities" were able to capitalize on the differences between racial, economic, and ethnic groups. They skillfully fomented a hatred between the different classes that is now so intense that it pollutes the air we breathe. Each "victimized" group now feels entitled to compensation and/or support from the "rich" i.e. the those who work for a living and pay taxes.
The present administration in Washington D.C. appears doing its utmost to anger the citizenry with its flouting of the law in many areas so as to ignite a rebellion that would call for martial law. So far, that does not appear to be working. Neither Congress nor the American people seemed motivated enough to challenge this poseur in the Oval Office. go here for some pending fights

Never to fear, he seems to believe that he has an ace up his sleeve--racial conflict. So much time energy and money has been spent to stoke a race war it is a wonder that the nation is still standing. Louis Farrakhan, the ever reliable mouthpiece of racial hatred continues to spew his venom. WILL FARRAKHAN BE ARRESTED FOR CALL TO KILL WHITES? He appears to be getting away with it.

Hamas supporting and Muslim Brotherhood supporting C.A.I.R. continues to gain ground in their infiltration of America. ISLAMIST INFILTRATION OF THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION  Who is stopping them?

Our educational system is going Communist and will grind out non thinking "bots" who will obey the "authorities" and dutifully carry out their assigned tasks. Liberal teacher notes that Common Core was like education in THIS Communist country

To call our future dystopian is an understatement.

by Dee Fatouro

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