Hating America

by Judy McLeod

Over the past seven years, the United States of America has become the country people love to hate.
Hating America started as a blamefest and flowered out to a full blown hatefest.

While it is true that some people hated America long before Barack Obama ever got himself elected president, it was definitely Barack Obama who gave voice to the hatred of America.

There have been other infamous world leaders whose time in public office was propelled by insane hatred, but the most evil among them hated the people of other countries and not his own.

Hatred is the by-product glowing in the dark in the petri dish, the one that took its growth from envy.

People suppressed in those countries expressing a visceral hatred for America are government-conditioned to blame America for all that is wrong in theirs.

Topping the A-list for hating America is that countless Americans 40 years of age and over know who they are. Unlike the millions of of latter-day public school graduates, they know their history, what the Stars and Stripes and Confederate flag stand for.

With the United Nations and European Union’s unflagging push for mass control via One World Government, millions of Americans remain patriotic at a time when Marxism works to banish patriotism, wherever it exists.

Love of God, love of family, love of country are not only no longer de rigeur, they will get their advocates branded as redneck racists.

Surrealistic as it may seem, America has a president who travels the world feeding the hatred of her enemies. He panders to America haters by cryptically suggesting that America should be punished for her role as world superpower.

People elected to serve America but who later turn America over to her enemies include former Vice President Al Gore, who profited roughly $500 million in the sale of his Current Media, LLC to Al Jazeera Media Network in 2013.

Gore and his Current Media partners pooh-poohed detractors who worried that Al Jazeera having its own television network on American soil was the equivalent of selling America out to its enemies.

“Defending his decision, Current TV chairman Al Gore wrote: “I am incredibly proud of what Current has been able to accomplish. But broadcast media is a business, and being an independent content producer in a time of increasing consolidation is a challenge.” In a news release, Al Jazeera Director General Ahmed bin Jassim Al Thani said, “By acquiring Current TV, Al Jazeera will significantly expand our existing distribution footprint in the U.S., as well as increase our newsgathering and reporting efforts in America [...] We look forward to working together with our new cable and satellite partners to serve our new audiences across the U.S.” The Al Jazeera network also expected to increase its U.S. based staff to a total of more than 300 employees and retain most of Current’s staff.” (Wikipedia)
It didn’t take Al Jazeera too long to begin bashing Americans:

“Al Jazeera’s digital media platform AJ+ posted a Fourth of July-themed video mocking Americans as fat, cheese-eating, gun-toting, pill-popping, racist porn watchers. (The Blaze, July 5, 2014)

Seems that Al Jazeera feels the same way about America as Obama does.

“While some on social media applauded the creation, others slammed the Qatar-owned network for using the holiday “to dump” on America. (The Blaze)

“Social media users got particularly riled up by the criticism coming from the channel owned by Qatar—a country where stoning is a legal punishment under Shariah law, women have second class legal status, writers can be imprisoned for criticizing the emir and abuse of foreign laborers has been repeatedly criticized by human rights groups.

“The video is sarcastically titled “Americans Show Why USA Is The #1 Country In The World.”

“After lauding the U.S. as world leader in Olympic medals, Nobel laureates and billionaires, young actors then go on to mock the U.S. for “the most incarcerated people in the world. God-bless the prison industrial complex.”

“When it comes to obesity ... a third of us can’t even see our own toes,” said a man waving an American flag.

“Another assertion left the impression that nine out of 10 Americans have guns.

“Pew Pew, we’ve got 90 guns per 100 persons. Sorry, Yemen, we beat you in drones and guns!” said one of the actors.

“Americans consume 80 percent of the world’s painkillers. Makes sense though, right? I mean racism in this country is a big pain in the #,” said a female actor.

“Al Jazeera also credited the U.S. with having the “most number of teen pregnancies per capita,” leading the world in credit card debt and “the most deaths by lawnmower.”

“This sort of seems mean spirited to be honest,” Benjamin Buzbee wrote on YouTube. “It’s important to keep perspective and some of these are important issues, but the spirit of this video is to dump on the US the day before independence day—seems more sensationalistic than journalistic. Can’t say I approve.”

Christoffer Johnsen said on Facebook, “Yea because the middle east is a so great place to live in?! Come on Aj+ you gotta stop bashing only America.”

YouTube user Truths Corner wrote, “Criticism of a country is not a bad thing, why did AJ+ not compare the us to the s*** whole countries it wants us to be like. Like Turkey, where the best selling book is MEIN KAMPF. Or pakistan where 80% favor killing apostates, o wait AJ+ biased as f***.”

“I don’t think we compare. But we definitely take shots at other countries,” AJ+ executive producer David Cohn said in response on YouTube. He then pointed viewers to other videos, such as one beheading in Saudi Arabia and another on a women’s protest in Turkey.

“However, none of the videos to which he linked had the same mocking tone of the Fourth of July video.

“Someone should ask Al Jazeera America what it’s like to be the #1 US channel sued by its own executives for misogyny https://t.co/Z12Nolmgfe

Al Jazeera would never have been able to broadcast into millions of American homes that Americans are “fat, cheese-eating, gun-toting, pill-popping, racist porn watchers” if fat-cat of all time Al Gore hadn’t sold America out to her enemies.

Meanwhile, it is not normal for a president to hate the country he was elected to serve, and not normal for a country to put up with a president who does.


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