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OK now let me lay out the premise, I know or pretty much understand what AMERICA, flaws & all used to be......I was a good student in history....I have a very good recollection of of early History & Founding via Studies in College.....Which is sadly not taught anymore.... But I just want to talk about World War II to today.....Much to the chagrin of the Communist Wing of this Government & in particular GEORGE SOROS, the man who OWNS Washington DC & the Big Banks...we bailed out EUROPE from HITLER, MUSSOLINI & a grave threat from JAPAN...Really now AMERICA did more than carry her own weight....and along with United Kingdom & France we also held STALIN a semi-ally in check.....And while things were not perfect all of us Prospered.....I myself came from large family, raised on a Second Generation Farm, with a Stay at home Mom & we were at least by today's STANDARDS ...DIRT POOR....We never ever felt it tho....The Family Unit in those formative years was INTACT....Think about this in today's world where BIGGER is supposed to be First year in school was a Country School where the TEACHER (one teacher) Taught all all the Grades between 1-5.....there was maybe 15 students total....Let me state this though for the record, NONE of us Became Mass Murderers or Radical Christians....And yes we went to CHURCH every SUNDAY , including Sunday School , the Morning Service, the Evening Service & Wednesday Nights without fail.....The only excuse was Illness....period...

Let me be honest here, I was however NO ANGEL.....In High School I played in a Teenage Rock & Roll Band.....I put Myself Through College....I worked a Full Time Night Job & Went to School at Nights...I still played in Rock & Roll or Country Bands on Weekends.....I Drank a lot of Beer & Partied Hardy....But I survived, I'm not sure why or how sometimes but Somehow I Believe it was because I grew up in a FAMILY that was RICH...The Wealth was in the FAMILY who Loved each other....And coming from small town America , Most everyone elses experience was much the same....Nobody made a big deal out of anything....Some of us may have been a little Spoiled but compared to the NARCISSISTIC PRICKS I see in today's....well we don't even come close....Pretty much when I made one of my THOUSANDS of mistakes I had to Face it Head on... Now I didn't like it but that's just the way it was.....I had to be "Responsible" for my own actions.....I had to pay the Price for my Failures & I also got the satisfaction that when I got it RIGHT , I DID IT MYSELF......

While I am by no certain terms someone to Pattern or Emulate as a ROLE MODEL ....I SURVIVED....Right , Wrong or Indifferent....but here I am....And there are MILLIONS of Others that did it the same way...Maybe they didn't have to learn it ALL the Hard Way ...But we SURVIVED....Once upon a time we were taught & encouraged to set GOALS.....Originally our First Goals were all about "Achievement" be the best you could be ....It made no difference whether it was being a Guitar Player, a Mechanic, a Builder, a Farmer or a Teacher....The real REWARDS was we or many of us just wanted to be Craftsman & the Money be damned...If you were good at your Craft the Money would take care of itself....

But something fundamentally changed in this Country...We became SLAVES to DEBT....We bought Cars that were too Expensive, Houses that were too Expensive, Designer Clothing that was too Expensive, Toys we didn't need like Boats, Motorcycles, Televisions, Computers or even College Education's that were not only Too Expensive our Children weren't learning anything, that is BUT , "Bad Behavior".....Narcissism, Vanity & the BLAME GAME.....You know we thought we were BUYING a Life or PAYING our way.....What we FAILED to Realize is that Regardless of the Amount of MONEY you Made, Acquired and Sacrificed for we could not "BUY it"....Quantity is not quality .......Is your life on layaway ? A GOOD Life is not Measured by Quantity but by VALUE, Quality....Greed is not Good.....Bigger is not Better.... Knowledge is supposed to "Set You Free" not "Enslave you"
It seems to me False Knowledge & False Gods has created a False World......Today's America is a ILLUSION Created by the Powers that Rule your Heart & Soul....To what end ? Where is this Going? There is a HUGE Difference between being Empowered & Being a Slave...Regardless of what anyone says WE ARE NOT FREE....we just think we are...... So the real question is ;WHAT IS THIS NEW AMERICA? ...It's insensitive, it's Narcissistic, its Controlling, its a Charade full of False Hope , False Truths, Illusions & a CON or a FRAUD.....Just who is it that's really Benefiting from this FAKE, FAUX NEW AMERICA....well it is not you, your friends or your family.....Your ENEMY this Government is Staging this Faux War.....They Control the Scripts, the Cameras ,the Actors & the ARMY'S even if they wish to KILL very one of us....They DON'T CARE....they are the ones benefiting....

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Did We Know This? Sanders Delegate is Member of Fuqra Terror Cult

"U.S. government agencies have referred to Fuqra as a terrorist and criminal group for decades now. Their extremist history only takes a few clicks to see.

Yet, they are increasingly treated as mainstream moderates by the media and even the White House. And now, Fuqra even has a member running for office in Alaska and serving as a delegate at the Democratic Convention." 

by Ryan Mauro, July 28, 2016:

The Clarion Project has learned that a delegate for Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention is a member of Muslims of the Americas, which is a rebranding of Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a cultish Islamist group that is led by an extremist cleric in Pakistan and has a history of terrorism and criminal activity. The individual is also running for the Alaska State House.

Jamaat ul-Fuqra

Jamaat ul-Fuqra currently goes by the name of Muslims of the Americas and denies Fuqra’s existence. It changed its name after being involved in a series of terrorist attacks and plots in the 1980s and early 1990s. The State Department included Fuqra in its annual terrorism reports until 2000, describing Fuqra as an “Islamic sect that seeks to purify Islam through violence.”

It is best known for its “Islamberg” headquarters in New York where guerilla training of women has occurred, as seen in this undated footage obtained by the Clarion Project from a law enforcement source. It claims to have 22 “Islamic villages” in 12 states. TheClarion Project identified one such “village” in Texas in 2014. We recently published the heartbreaking testimony of a woman who grew up in these villages in the 1980s.

A 2007 FBI report obtained by the Clarion Project states “the documented propensity for violence by this organization supports the belief the leadership of the MOA extols membership to pursue a policy of jihad or holy war against individuals or groups it considers enemies of Islam, which includes the U.S. Government.”

It says “members of the MOA are encouraged to travel to Pakistan to receive religious and military/terrorist training from Sheikh Gilani.”

Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani is the cult leader who runs Jamaat al-Fuqra and MOA.

The FBI report warns that MOA “possess(es) an infrastructure capable of planning and mounting terrorist campaigns overseas and within the U.S.”

A dozen North American Muslim organizations have asked the State Department to designate Fuqra as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

Fuqra Member Becomes Sanders Delegate and Runs for State House in Alaska
Fuqra’s newspaper, the Islamic Post, announced that one of its members, Gregory “Shuaib” Jones of Wasilla, Alaska ( the city that Sarah Palin was mayor of), had been chosen as a Democratic Party delegate to the Democratic National Convention. It also said that he was running for the Alaska House of Representatives District 8.

While this development was featured in their internal newspaper, it was never featured on their website or social media pages, probably because being linked to Fuqra isn’t exactly something that helps one win an election. Clarion Project obtained the newspaper from a source.

The Facebook page for Jones’ campaign identifies him as a supporter of Bernie Sanders and press outlets list him as a pledged delegate for Sanders. A Facebook post from July 24 announces his arrival at the convention.

What do we know about Gregory “Shuaib” Jones?

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The Patriots Daily Bites of American History,The Protestant Reformation Series 30, Volume 5:The love life of Raleigh #9




Revenge? Wikileaks Dismantling of DNC Could Be A Clear Attack by Putin on Clinton

Wikileaks' Julian Assange

It appears as though Hillary has made a very powerful enemy in Putin and the question becomes: should she be elected president what will the nature of American/Russian relationships come to. If he truly has the goods on her, he can cost her the election. Worse should she be elected, he can blackmail her. 

For Hillary, either way, the chickens have come home to roost. For America, disaster can be avoided only if she can be defeated. That assumes that Putin has nothing on Trump.

Some Background From Politico's Michael Crowley and Julia Ioffe
When mass protests against Russian President Vladimir Putin erupted in Moscow in December 2011, Putin made clear who he thought was really behind them: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
With the protesters accusing Putin of having rigged recent elections, the Russian leader pointed an angry finger at Clinton, who had issued a statement sharply critical of the voting results. “She said they were dishonest and unfair,” Putin fumed in public remarks, saying that Clinton gave “a signal” to demonstrators working “with the support of the U.S. State Department” to undermine his power...

Five years later, Putin may be seeking revenge against Clinton. At least that’s the implication of the view among some cybersecurity experts that Russia was behind the recent hack of the Democratic National Committee’s email server...
While Donald Trump’s budding bromance with Vladimir Putin is well known — the two men have exchanged admiring words about each other and called for improved relations between Washington and Moscow — Putin’s hostility towards Clinton draws less attention....

Clinton has never concealed her disdain for Putin. As a senator in 2008, she joked about President George W. Bush’s famous line that he’d gotten a sense of Putin’s “soul,” cracking that because Putin was a KGB agent, “by definition he doesn’t have a soul.” More
Is Wikileaks A Front For Russian Intelligence:  John R. Schindler

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The Patriots Daily Bites of American History,The Protestant Reformation Series 30, Volume 5: Raleigh’s poem “The Lie” #8




German SEK Commando Unit Latest Raid on Domestic Terrorist Organization

Have the German leaders finally awakened? Is it too late?

One of Merkel's own deputies has admitted that Germany cannot control the number of migrants crossing its borders and insists that the country needs its sovereignty back. Will the Chancellor continue to double down on the migrant issue?

The rapes and murders could not keep on indefinitely without resulting in a powder keg that would eventually ignite. Thus, PERGIDA
(Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West) arose and several demonstrations have been taking place across Europe for over two years. Of course there has been a media blackout of this unrest. However, there comes a point when the truth can no longer be hidden.

 France is now getting serious
They’ve arrested more than 230 muslims and collected more than 324 weapons. Many others are under travel bans and house arrest. They have shut down three mosques and have raided more than 2,300 homes.
Are the French too late?

German armed police smash their way into mosque and raid homes of group accused of radicalising Muslims and grooming them for jihad

by Imogen Calderwood For Mailonline
Published: 15:36 EST, 27 July 2016 | Updated: 10:58 EST, 28 July 2016 
  •  German armed police smash their way into mosque and raid homes of group accused of radicalising Muslims and grooming them for jihad
  • German officers launched a crackdown on the German-speaking group
  • It is accused of radicalising those who attended the mosque with sermons
  • Group based in Hildesheim is a 'nationwide hot spot of radical Muslims'
  • Several people who attended are thought to have left to join ISIS in Syria
Armed police officers have launched a raid on a mosque and several homes belonging to a group believed to be radicalising Muslims in Germany.

Apartments belonging to eight board members of the radical German-speaking Islamic group searched by officers in Hildesheim, Lower Saxony.

It comes as part of a crackdown on the group, which is thought to have been encouraging people to travel to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS.

The group ran sermons, seminars and lectures entitled 'the hatred of infidels', according to German media. 

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The Patriots Daily Bites of American History:The Protestant Reformation Series 30, Volume 5: The trouble with Raleigh #7






For years I've watched the So-called & perhaps Mythical American Intellect decline, its now a tailspin , out of control & will soon crash.....You know it is almost impossible to have a POSITIVE outlook on this World with all the Pissing , Moaning, Bitching, Crying, Back-Stabbing, Lying and HATE in the AIR & on the AIR 24 damn hours a day,7 days a week....A little bit of Cynicism, Sarcasm & Questioning is Healthy...But we never see the Answers, we are never offered Solutions & all we seemingly get for our DOLLAR$ is Chaos ,Anarchy & HATE.....If I was a betting man I'd have to come to the Conclusion that the Apparent Desired Effect for our Labors is HATE....It would seem to me if we could EXPORT HATE the country wouldn't be Financially Bankrupt.....

Both Political Parties have an Expertise & a Degree in HATE...they have it MASTERED ...And by & large they created a Contingent of Hate that's spread COAST to COAST ....There is no antidote or cure...You'll take it to the GRAVE....Meanwhile , the Elitists that Hide in the Shadows reap all the Benefits & Spoils of a Not-So-Civil WAR that the Idiotic Sheep Lost without a shot being fired....You know, if you're too ignorant to know you have LEPROSY even though your leg rotted off, what can I add..or say? ....

Why can't we com to GRIPS with the FACT , that ALL of those who Write & Make The Rules are the one who really one else does....Food Stamps, Not-So-Free Healthcare & Housing are not Benefits or Entitlements, nothing has been further from the truth....They are simply nothing more than Bribes or Extortion....We are living in a Illusionary World....Once upon a Time that Illusion was one of Plenty, of Harmony, the Promise of Peace ,Love & Understanding & Fulfillment....What is it now? Al I see is RUINS.or the AFTERMATH of a WAR...The Question is do we Rebuild the Promise or do we Tear it all down? Will we become Scavengers like Rats & live like Parasites, or will become the New Pioneers or Missionaries ?

The MESSENGERS OF HATE are ruling this now Kingdom Of Hell......It's one thing to Play The GAME to Win, but to WIN , regardless of the PRICE you PAID....that's quite different, that's quite Pathetic & Telling at the same Time.....When your Narcissism turns to Cancer & you Sell your Soul because your GREED & HATE Rule your life....What have you Become?....Does ;JUDAS & 30 PIECES OF SILVER ring a bell ?...                                                                                                    

Again I am bewildered at those who Seek & Follow their FALSE GODS....While we all need Inspiration & Direction from time to time.....Real Leaders CREATE more Leaders....not Followers ....You ether suck it up & become a man or Throw in the Towel....A follower is a SLAVE .....Because sooner or later you'll be led into a TRAP....But I guess its easier to blame someone else...Hell, that's the LIBERAL WAY isn't it ? that now the AMERICAN WAY? Seems so to me....

Sooner or later the Malcontents will be treated like the Pesky Annoying Flies, Wasps, Skunks & Weasels, someone will say I've had it and END the Varmints life....Sooner rather than LATER all of this Crying, Bitching, Moaning & Chaos will be BROUGHT to a HALT....And you just maybe will realize you are not in control & you never was or were FREE....This Government Owns you....So go ahead & play your Childish Petty games , after HILLERY they'll be nothing left but a Third World Muslim Shit Hole.....

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Lawyers Repeatedly Flagged Attempted Illicit Politicking by Dem Legal Strategy Group

Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Interesting behind the scenes view of some questionable operations and backscratching made legal.
BY: Lachlan Markay
July 26, 2016 2:50 pm 

Democratic Party lawyers had to step in repeatedly to prevent illegal or prohibited political fundraising by a new Democratic National Committee group designed to coordinate legal strategy with hundreds of friendly attorneys, internal documents show. 

Multiple proposed fundraising pitches by the new Democratic Lawyers Committee (DLC) invoked the names of high-ranking administration officials in what would have been violations of federal laws and White House policies against political activity by administration officials, according to emails between the group’s top staffers and their attorneys.

The hacked emails, released by the group WikiLeaks last week, provide a detailed narrative of the DLC’s formation and its hectic first few months, which saw celebrity attorney Gloria Allred micromanaging the group’s self-described “propaganda,” a senior DNC staffer admonishing colleagues for nearly spoiling its rollout with illicit fundraising asks, and DNC staffers pretending to be then-chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz on email in order to land a venue for a high-dollar fundraiser. 

“The stated goal of the DLC is to organize the legal community and [we] must arm them with the information, contacts, and inspiration they need to provide significant support for the Democratic Party’s fight to maintain control of the White House and help elect Democrats up and down the ballot in 2016,” according to talking points circulated internally.

The perks that attorneys get for their involvement with the group depend on the sums that they donate. For $500, they get “regular email updates including talking points, and the Party’s response to current events.”

Those who give $150,000 annually, DLC’s top donor tier, get seats on the DNC’s national finance committee, VIP tickets to exclusive DNC events, and “access to special activities and invitations.”

“DLC members will have access to insider knowledge of the DNC’s campaign strategy, which allows members to be more effective in their efforts on behalf of the President and his successor,” according to the group’s donor pitch.

The official DLC rollout took place in early May, when DNC fundraising staffers Clayton Cox, Max Marshall, and Jordan Vaughn set up a conference call designed to raise money for the new effort and recruit member attorneys.

They landed former Obama campaign aide Stephanie Cutter and top White House political operative David Simas to speak on the call. But the effort immediately ran into legal trouble when a DNC finance official asked attorneys at Perkins Coie, a leading Democratic law firm, to review its invitation.

“Per White House policy, a WH official (Simas) cannot be included on a page that contains a link to a DNC solicitation,” Perkins Coie attorney Ruthzee Louijeune told DLC staffers in an email on the evening of May 2. The call was scheduled for the next day.

The invitation also identified Cutter and DNC finance co-chair Robbie Kaplan, who would speak on the call, by their professional associations: Kaplan with the New York law firm Paul, Weiss, and Cutter as a founding partner of the firm Precision Strategies.

Under federal law, corporations cannot use their resources to raise political funds. Endorsing a fundraising pitch is considered an illegal in-kind contribution. After a phone call with the DNC, Louijeune told staffers to strike Cutter’s and Kaplan’s corporate titles “to avoid triggering prohibited corporate facilitation.”

Staffers removed the titles from the conference call invitation. But Louijeune was forced to step in once again when a proposed email blast promoting the call identified Kaplan and four other attorneys involved in the DLC by their official titles at their respective law firms.

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Bill Whittle's Firewall: Is Hillary Guilty?

 No matter how much of a bounce (or possibly a thud) Hillary may get from the convention, she will continue to be damaged goods. Period.

The corruption, chicanery, and  lawlessness from both the Hillary and DNC camps were proven to have reached a greater depth than most had suspected. In addition, let us take note that an investigation of the Clinton Foundation by the IRS   has been opened.

Comey's devastating enumerations of her reckless handling of sensitive information, and wiki leaks revelations regarding the DNC's "rigging" removed all doubt and vindicated the conspiracy crowd who had been making such charges from the beginning. Of course reality did not stop the Democrat spin cycle from going into high, but few non "bots" bought it. No matter, the loyalists continue to soldier on and man their posts with blind dedication.

So the question becomes, why do so many, including some politicians as well as much of the electorate, continue to support her? Are there really that many clueless/useful idiots in this nation? Or are they America hating colluders and/or outright traitors. Neither alternative bodes well for our nation.

Bill Whittle is back with another Firewall video commentary. It takes Bill only 93 seconds to show Hillary Clinton guilty of violating three separate Federal Statutes. It takes him another three minutes to explain why she and Obama simply DO NOT CARE.

Watch and please share far and wide. Transcript below the video.

 Let’s start by getting one thing out of the way right at the top: there is no question that Hillary Clinton committed multiple violations of federal law.

U.S. Code, Title 18, Part I, Chapter 101, Section 2071, Paragraph a:


says that anyone who removes -- and doesn’t return -- ANY Federal records regardless of classification has committed a felony.

GOWDY: Secretary Clinton said that all work-related emails were returned to the State Department. Was that true?

COMEY: No, we found work-related emails – thousands – that were not returned.


Paragraph B says that anyone who attempts to conceal or destroy these records has committed a second felony, which specifically bars the offender from holding any office in the United States government.

GOWDY: Secretary Clinton said that neither she nor anyone else deleted work-related emails from her personal account. Was that true?

COMEY: There’s no doubt that there were work-related emails that were removed electronically from the email system.

And finally let’s talk about 18 U.S. Code § 793: Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information

In order to clear the legal bar for prosecution on that statute – that part of the United States code -- the prosecution would have to prove “gross negligence” on the part of Mrs. Clinton.

GIULIANI: He said during his long statement that she was “extremely careless.” The first definition of “gross negligence” that comes up when you take out the legal dictionary is being “extremely careless.”

Any questions?

The Patriots Daily Bites of American History:The Protestant Reformation Series 30, Volume 5: Good and Bad times of First Colony #6




Dr. Warner's Factual Response To The President's Comments Regarding The Crusades

For those who may have missed this, here is Dr. Bill Warner's factual  response to Obama's comments  regarding the Crusades made during a prayer breakfast over a year ago. It is a quite long and well researched timeline.


 "1088 when Pope Urban II launched the first crusade until November 18, 1095 when -Pope Urban II opens the Council of Clermont where ambassadors from the Byzantine emperor Alexius I Comnenus, asking help against the Muslims, were warmly received.
Political foundations laid for the first “organized” Christian response to Jihad: the First Crusade."

Feb 9 2015 | by Bill Warner

Obama’s remarks about the evil of the Crusades, needs to be factually examined in detail. Here is such a list:

0355 After removing a Roman temple from the site (possibly the Temple of Aphrodite built by Hadrian), Constantine I has the Church of the Holy Sepulcher constructed in Jerusalem. Built around the excavated hill of the Crucifixion, legend has it that Constantine’s mother Helena discovered the True Cross here.

0613 – Persians capture Damascus and Antioch.

0614 – Persians sack Jerusalem. damaging the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the process.

0633 – Muslims conquer Syria and Iraq.

0634 – 0644 – Umar (c. 0591 – 0644) reigns as the second caliph.

0635 – Muslims begin the conquest of Persia and Syria.

0635 – Arab Muslims capture the city of Damascus from the Byzantines.

August 20, 0636 – Battle of Yarmuk (also: Yarmuq, Hieromyax): Following the Muslim capture of Damascus and Edessa, Byzantine Emperor Heraclius organizes a large army which manages to take back control of those cities. However, Byzantine commander, Baänes is soundly defeated by Muslim forces under Khalid ibn Walid in a battle in the valley of the Yarmuk River outside Damascus. This leaves all of Syria open to Arab domination.

0637 – The Arabs occupy the Persian capital of Ctesiphon. By 0651, the entire Persian realm would come under the rule of Islam and continued its westward expansion.

0637 – Syria is conquered by Muslim forces.

0637 – Jerusalem falls to invading Muslim forces.

0638 – Caliph Umar I enters Jerusalem.

0639 – Muslims conquer Egypt and Persia.

0641 – Islam spreads into Egypt. The Catholic Archbishop invites Muslims to help free Egypt from Roman oppressors.

0641 – Under the leadership of Abd-al-Rahman, Muslims conquer southern areas of Azerbaijan, Daghestan, Georgia, and

0641 – Under the leadership of Amr ibn al-As, Muslims conquer the Byzantine city of Alexandria in Egypt. Amr forbids the looting of the city and proclaims freedom of worship for all. According to some accounts, he also has what was left of the Great Library burned the following year. Al-As creates the first Muslim city in Egypt, al-Fustat, and builds there the first mosque in Egypt.

0644 – Muslim leader Umar dies and is succeeded by Caliph Uthman, a member of the Umayyad family that had rejected Muhammad’s prophesies. Rallies arise to support Ali, Muhammad’s cousin and son-in-law, as caliph. Uthman launches invasions to the west into North Africa.

0649 – Muawiya I, a member of the Umayyad family, leads a raid against Cyprus, sacking the capital Salamis-Constantia after a short siege and pillaging the rest of the island.

0652 – Sicily is attacked by Muslims coming out of Tunisia (named Ifriqiya by the Muslims, a name later given to the entire continent of Africa).

0653 – Muawiya I leads a raid against Rhodes, taking the remaining pieces of the Colossus of Rhodes (one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world) and shipping it back to Syria to be sold as scrap metal.

0654 – Muawiya I conquers Cyprus and stations a large garrison there. The island would remain in Muslim hands until 0966.

0655 – Battle of the Masts: In one of the only Muslim naval victories in the entire history of Islam, Muslim forces under the command of Uthman bin Affan defeat Byzantine forces under Emperor Constant II. The battle takes place off the coast of Lycia and is an important stage in the decline of Byzantine power.

0661 – 0680 – Mu’awiya, founder of the Umayyad dynasty, becomes the caliph and moves the capital from Mecca to Damascus.

0662 – Egypt fell to the Umayyad and Abbasid caliphates until 868 CE. A year prior, the Fertile Crescent and Persia yielded to the Umayyad and Abbasid caliphates, whose rule lasted until 1258 CE and 820 CE, respectively.

0667 – Sicily is attacked by Muslims coming out of Tunisia.

0668 – First Siege of Constantinople: This attack lasts off and on for seven years, with the Muslim forces generally spending the winters on the island of Cyzicus, a few miles south of Constantinople, and only sailing against the city during the spring and summer months. The Greeks are able to fend off repeated attacks with a weapon desperately feared by the Arabs: Greek Fire. It burned through ships, shields, and flesh and it could not be put out once it started. Muawiyah has to send emissaries to Byzantine Emperor Constans to beg him to let the survivors return home unimpeded, a request that is granted in exchange for a yearly tribute of 3,000 pieces of gold, fifty slaves, and fifty Arab horses.

0669 – The Muslim conquest reaches to Morocco in North Africa. The region would be open to the rule of the Umayyad and Abbasid caliphates until 800 CE.

0672 – Muslims under Mauwiya I capture the island of Rhodes.

0674 – Arab conquest reaches the Indus River.

August 23, 0676 – Birth of Charles Martel (Charles the Hammer) in Herstal, Wallonia, Belgium, as the illegitimate son of Pippin II. Serving as Mayor of the Palace of the kingdom of the Franks, Charles would lead a force of Christians that turn back a Muslim raiding party near Poitiers (or Tours) which, according to many historians, would effectively halt the advance of Islam against Christianity in the West.

0677 – Muslims send a large fleet against Constantinople in an effort to finally break the city, but they are defeated so badly through the Byzantine use of Greek Fire that they are forced to pay an indemnity to the Emperor.

0680 – Birth of Leo III the Isaurian, Byzantine Emperor, along the Turkish-Syrian border in the Syrian province of Commagene. Leo’s tactical skills would be responsible for turning back the second Arab Muslim siege of Constantinople in 0717, shortly after he is elected emperor.

0688 – Emperor Justinian II and Caliph al-Malik sign a peace treaty making Cyprus neutral territory. For the next 300 years, Cyprus is ruled jointly by both the Byzantines and the Arabs despite the continuing warfare between them elsewhere.

0691 – Birth of Hisham, 10th caliph of the Umayyad Dynasty. It is under Hisham that Muslim forces would make their deepest incursions into Western Europe before being stopped by Charles Martel at the Battle of Poitiers in 0732.

0698 – Muslims capture Carthage in North Africa.

0700 – Muslims from Pamntelleria raid the island of Sicily.

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The Patriots Daily Bites of American History:The Protestant Reformation Series 30, Volume 5: First Attempt of English Colonization #5






It takes courage to live this life, it takes imagination & courage to live it to the fullest.....It requires nothing at all to be a PARASITE.....Your  Existence depends entirely on the Fruits & Labors of all the others....The Criminal Class in this country, the Politicians, their Overlords AKA the OLIGARCHY has created a CLASS of Parasite like the World has never seen.....The Parasite Culture thinks erroneously that they have free will & can do as they please ....They have been conned by the Greatest Thief of all Time.....They are only FREE to do what they are told.....They possess absolutely no Rational Thought Processes, there is NO deductive reasoning.....They are Taught BEHAVIOR.....You know, kind of like Cockroaches that RUN to darkness when you turn on the light....They are BRED & BORN for one purpose & one purpose only ,to SERVE their MASTERS....

Those who control us have made a Game, a Mockery, a Joke or a Charade out of What we used to call LIFE.....We all now LIVE in a FISH BOWL & we are FREE to swim to the edge, but we will never be able to climb out.....They Feed us Crumbs & They FEAST on our Flesh, our Slavery & our Lack of Knowledge to SURVIVE on our own...

Before it's too late we should ace the REALITY that while we may have computers, cars & the Optics of a GOOD Life in reality we have nothing of VALUE left in this Country.....Through Brain-Washing & Behavior Modification we have created Heroes out of Villains & Villains out or Heroes....We have a world now so full of NARCISSISM that its beyond comprehension.....Just what is the END GAME or Result ? Where is this Going? I hate to tell you but it is NOT getting better.....The Solutions are Worse than the Problems....Shouldn't the First step to finding an ANSWER to be ,"Stop All Of This Madness," & "Stop All Of This Insanity?"  It should be, but we won't!

Why do so many FEAR this Government ? Understand me now FEAR is not to be Confused with RESPECT.....Might I remind you that those who we ALLOW to Control us are MORTAL MEN....While in this day & time they DEMAND to be treated like Royalty, they are NOT ONE DAMN  bit better than anyone else.....Why do we Treat these DEMONS like Gods, like Saviors , Savants, Truth Tellers or  like Messiahs ? They are FRAUDS....100% FRAUDS....Their only Talent is in CHICANERY & THEFT....WELL, lets add one more selling FEAR....

I am not sure if there is ONE Good Man or Woman in Washington...I trust NONE of them & I mean NONE of them.....Some may very well be better than others, but IMO that like describing the Stage of a Cancer or Burn.... And yes there are times when we have no other choice than to pick the "Lesser of Two Evils" that doesn't mean we have to like it...If we did our DUE Diligence, our Home Work, Studied, Observed, Listened without Prejudice w just might not be facing the DEATH of AMERICA.....I am sorry to tell you this but AMERICA after OBAMA & HILLARY will not be fit to live in....I'd rather be dead.....Do you really want THIRD WORLD MUSLIMS & PARASITES telling you how to live, that is at the behest of their MASTERS....And I'm sorry to say While I consider myself to be a Christian, it sickens me to see the CHURCH sell out for MONEY....I have no use for the Joel Osteen types of CONS....The Charade continues does it not, but what is it that's hiding in the Shadows, Behind the Doors or for that matter our Hearts?.....

I don't have Life's Answers & I only have my observations.....Washington or government in general has & offers no Solutions, they took advantage of an IGNORANT  Society & made them ALL PRISONERS of their Criminal Enterprise...We don't ask questions,we are lazy, we are calloused, we are narcissistic, we now hate, belittle, we are petty, HELL we Apparently  can't get over ourselves.....We replicated the Bad Behavior of our FALSE GODS,FALSE MESSIAHS THE RULING CLASS OF IDIOTS ,this  Miserable life is not worth living anymore.....If this is AMERICA I want NO part of it...

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Putin’s Sinister Role in the Failed Turkish Coup

 Analysis: Pulling Erdogan from Western Orbit is a Russian Objective

Whether or not Putin had a hand in the Coup, it may have played into his hands. According to the following article, Putin's desires have been well known. 

Never the less, a rift between Turkey and its NATO allies has been widening due to the increasing influence of Islamism. The supremacy of Islamic law over secular law paves the way for serious geo-political disruption no matter what the primary driver(s) of this alleged coup  may be. The road to an ultimate outcome will be paved with chaos--with both political and social unrest. 

The article below contains a plethora of information regarding background, machinations, facts, theories, and possible repercussions regarding current events. 

Putin’s Sinister Role in the Failed Turkish Coup
 BY: Molly McKew
One group that stands to gain significantly from Erdogan’s “purges” are the local proponents of Eurasianist thinking. In the days leading up to the attempted coup, Alexandr Dugin—the Russian ideologue who is the father of the modern “Eurasian Movement” and a favorite Kremlin harbinger of conflict and annexation—was sitting in Ankara, alternatively visiting with leading Turkish Eurasianists and close allies of President Erdogan. 

Dugin, as Georgia and Ukraine have learned, is rarely near a conflict by chance, often providing both the ideological foundations for modern Russian expansionism and a kind of advance team for local mobilization. 

As early as 2004, U.S. officials warned that Putin aimed to detach Turkey from the West. Could the rapid realignment underway after the coup indicate that Russia’s hybrid war to capture Turkey into its geopolitical orbit is yielding results? 

A TV coup?

In the aftermath of the failed coup in Turkey, more than 6,000 members of the military have been arrested; more than 50,000 education personnel, police, judges, and civil servants have been fired; and millions of academics have been banned from leaving the country until potential connections to the coup plot are evaluated. The speed with which the “enemies lists” were produced, and with which the arrests were conducted, has led to questions from European officials about the government’s preparations in advance of the coup.

But the “conspiracy theories” spinning out of recent events both mask and expose a deep geopolitical shift underway in Turkey that could have profound consequences for NATO and American allies in the region.
Stories are now circulating that Russian officials warned their Turkish counterparts of the pending coup, and that Iranian officials were in contact with their Turkish counterparts throughout the night. Both stories add to the sense that some elements inside Turkey aimed to capitalize upon the coup to widen the distance between Turkey and its Western allies and commitments.

The rapid purge of opponents has amplified questions about the baffling coup attempt. Turkey’s military has staged four successful coups—and this iteration deviated from that playbook in ways that defy easy explanation.

Istanbul’s bridges over the Bosporus were blockaded. Black ops forces appeared at the hotel in Marmaris where President Erdogan was supposedly staying, dropping down the side of the building on rope-lines. Fighter jets broke the sound barrier over Istanbul and Ankara, and tanks drove through the streets, projecting the appearance of broad military involvement. Cadets from military academies were enlisted as manpower. An international TV station was seized but continued to broadcast the dramatic conflict. Communications were broadly uninterrupted throughout the country. Several broadcast text messages were even sent from Erdogan and his allies to Turkish cellphone users, calling them to the streets to defend their nation.
These actions required pre-planning but made little tactical sense—a series of powerful visuals projecting that a coup was underway, and providing rally points for media and demonstrators, but which held little value in securing strategic assets, institutions, and national political leaders.

Under scrutiny, it’s not hard to see why some observers believe the coup was staged. In a poll conducted after the coup, one third of Turks said they believed Erdogan was behind the coup.

The rise, fall, and return of Turkey’s Eurasianists

The Patriots Daily Bites of American History:The Protestant Reformation Series 30, Volume 5:From Columbus to Raleigh #4




Sunday, July 24, 2016

Threat To The Western Civilization Increasing To Warp Speed

Current events do not bode well for the West and the threat is not advancing Islam. It is squarely on the shoulders of the so called leaders who are either in a state of psychosis in their denial of its menace or in collusion with the agenda to bring down Western civilization. There is no middle ground on this.

Although the recent focus has been on the barbaric advancement of ISIS, the real threat, the powerful Turkish state, was not in the headlines until recently. Erdogan has been making increasing demands upon and the West and the UN in regard to the recognition of Turkish interests.

It seems as though he has finally clinched the reigns and now rules unencumbered.

"If today's Western leaders possess one general trait, it's a genius for self-deception. Insisting that Islamist terror has nothing to do with Islam, or that religion has no strategic impact, or that all human beings want freedom and democracy, amounts to declaring that up is down, right is left and night is day.

And midnight is coming for millions in Turkey, even as we insist that a dying flashlight is the sun."
  And here comes the familiar subjugation of women:
"From the start of the coup attempt by military officials on Friday through to the government’s crackdown in response, women’s voices have been almost entirely absent. Images of protesters on the streets are mostly men. The military leadership is entirely male. The government is 85 percent men, with only one female minister. Currently, 43 cities don’t have any female representatives at all.

Publicly, the fact that mostly conservatives are holding vigils at the squares might be a factor in women’s absence, too. At least one religious group, namely the Ismailaga movement, issued a decree stating that they've decided the women will stay at home and pray while the men will go out to the streets to support the government."
Western Society Is Being Taken Over By Muslims Because It Refuses To Acknowledge Reality For What It Is
"Western Society is dying for a variety of reasons (many of which we have covered), and one of those reasons is the simple refusal to acknowledge reality for what it is.

In response to the terrorist attacks in Nice, France, the UK Daily Mail published an article about what could be done to stop future attacks. Their response was that Muslim terrorists can only be stopped by working with Muslims and non-Muslims to promote a better “understanding” of Islam:"