Thursday, June 30, 2016

If You Missed This:Obama’s Idaho Attorney Again Threatens Americans Who Protest Refugee Sex Crime

Is Olsen trying to provoke the citizenry? This appears to be an outright assault on the 1st Amendment.

For whatever reasons, various MSM news outlets will not cover anything negative regarding the DC administration or Islamic terrorism.
Perhaps they are under Soros's thumb and have strict orders not to do so.

Olsen leaves the impression that just talking about the incident will trigger an investigation. She can deny the full intent of her statements all that she wishes to, but the ugly truth is now out of the shadows.

The American public is now under heavy censorship. Is the average citizen even of this fact?

by Katie McHugh
Amid a national uproar, President Barack Obama’s U.S. attorney in Idaho is repacking her threat to investigate Americans who are protesting policies that allowed the repulsive sexual-assault of a child by Sudanese and Iraqi Muslim refugees in Twin Falls, Idaho.

The repackaged threat was published Tuesday, and makes clear that U.S. Attorney Wendy Olsen is trying to intimidate the Idaho public from debating the problems caused by Obama’s decision to import huge numbers of foreigners — and their aggressive cultures — into Americans’ quiet neighborhoods.

“The [first] statement was not intended to and does not threaten to arrest or prosecute anyone for First Amendment protected speech … [but] certain threatening or harassing communications may violate federal law and will be investigated,” she insisted in her new Tuesday, June 28 statement.

The federal threat of prosecutions comes as many people in Twin Falls protest Obama’s migrant policy, which has brought many migrants into the state for jobs, including new jobs at a large Chobani yogurt factory. The protest spike followed the June 2 sexual assault by three migrant children on one American child.

As Breitbart News reported previously: On June 2, a 14-year-old Sudanese refugee in Idaho coached a 10-year-old Sudanese and a 7-year-old Iraqi boy to corner a white five-year-old girl in the laundry room, strip her naked, touch her, and urinate on her clothes and in her mouth, while he filmed the vicious attack until interrupted by an elderly woman who spotted him.

Amid the public protests, Olsen moved to suppress any political opposition, saying June 24 that;

The Patriots Daily Bites of American History:The Protestant Reformation Series 30, Volume 4:The Ten Commandments, The Bill of Rights and Washington’s Prayer







As it pertains to this Corrupt Rotten-to-the-Core Government in WASHINGTON DC.....remember ANYTHING GOES.....They Will do ANYTHING it TAKES to stay in Power.....Anything.....Suicide Bombers....Hate Threats....Riots....Murder....Fires & matters not, so long as the BLOOD that is SPILLED is not their own , they could careless.....

Just Remember as you go about the Independence Day (July 4) Holiday celebrations smart, be careful & keep your EYES & EARS open to what's not only happening around you but the WORLD.....More STAGED EVENTS will happen....& the closer we get to the ELECTIONS the more PARANOID theses RETCHED BASTARDS in POWER will get.....Believe me when I say they will burn & blowup a City, a Community or BUILDINGS to make this POINT.....RESISTANCE is FUTILE ,Compliance is Absolute or DIE...."THE ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS"...

They don't care, they've never cared, they will kill you in a HEARTBEAT to Further their SATANIC Cause.....

Think about it for a second, do you like what you see happening in FRANCE, BELGIUM,NORWAY, DENMARK, TURKEY.....Well its fixing to GIN UP here.....HILLARY & her Mentors SOROS, the ROTHSCHILD'S....AKA the NEW WORLD ORDER will open up our BORDERS just like EUROPE.....There will be a NORTH AMERICA SOVEREIGNTY, No Christianity, no Language, no Rights, No Freedoms, No Life, No Hope , No Dream & NO CURE for anything without a PRICE-TAG & A PERMIT......

OUR DAYS are numbered, buy guns, buy ammo, CYA ....find a place SAFE to Hide & Store them...tell no one where they notes, no computers & away from even your CELL PHONES...they can TRACK & LISTEN to every damn thing you say...

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Huma In London Working For The Enemy On 9/11

Is there any further doubt as to where Hillary's true loyalties lay? Michele Bachmann warned about Abedin's connection to the Muslim brotherhood and its infiltration in 2012.  She was viciously excoriated by members of her own party and all other members of the "Powers That Be" cabal.

She was ultimately proven to be correct.

From DCX But is there any truth to Bachmann’s allegations, which I remind you do not include direct assaults on Huma Abedin? Yes. Not only is there “some” truth to it, there’s an entire vault of information available on Abedin’s brother Hassan, and her Mother who has a direct affiliation with the new Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Mursi. To top that, the entire administration is infested with un-vetted Muslms who have direct affiliations with the Muslim Brotherhood, but let’s begin our analysis with Abedin. Much more here
On September 11, Huma Abedin Worked For Hillary Clinton and Saudi Charity Suspected of Terror Funding

by Lee Stranahan

On September 11, 2001 Huma Abedin — Hillary Clinton’s aide for twenty years and co-chair of her current Presidential run — was working for an organization located in the offices of Saudi Arabia’s Muslim World League.

That’s a Wahhabist Islamic group that Breitbart News recently reported was going to be put on a list of terror funders by U.S. government but was removed, reportedly under pressure from Saudi Arabia.

This latest revelation ties the Muslim World League directly to the The Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs and the Journal for Muslim Minority Affairs, an organization that Vanity Fair writer William D. Cohan called “the Abedin family business.

Huma Abedin is scheduled to give a deposition today on her role in the Hillary Clinton email server scandal, which involved classified documents.

Muslim World League London Office & Abedin Family Business Have Same Address

An archived webpage from the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs from a little over a year after 9/11 — December 2, 2002, the earliest date available — shows that then-New York Senator Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin was an assistant editor of the Journal.

Aside from Huma herself, also listed on that same date as editors are her sister Heba, her brother Hassan and her mother, Saleha S. Mahmood.

Listed on the Board of Advisers on that date is former Muslim World League Secretary General Abdullah Omar Naseef, who is listed as being on the “Majlis as-Shura.”

Majlis as-Shura or Shura Council, also known as the Consultative Assembly of Saudi Arabia, is a 150 member board of advisers—all appointed by the Saudi Arabian King—that proposes laws to the King and cabinet in the Kingdom’s absolute monarchy.

From that same December 2002 date, another webpage on the Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs site about how to reach the Journal says “Editorial Correspondence including submission of articles and books for review should be addressed to: Editor, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs 46 Goodge Street, London WIP 1FJ, U.K.”

The current official Journal website also lists the same 46 Goodge Street address, which is the same exact address listed on the Muslim World League’s London office address.

The official website for the Muslim World League’s London office lists its address as 46 Goodge Street.

The current day London Online website also lists the Muslim World League office in London and the Journal’s parent organization Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs as having the exact same 46 Goodge Street address.

A Yelp! listing for the Muslim World League shows the same 46 Goodge Address and a photo of the entrance.

Google Maps from 2008—the earliest date available—shows the Muslim Word League London office entrance, which appears to have office space above a pizza restaurant.
The Muslim World League Was Reportedly Pulled From Terror Funder List

Although she was working for Senator Hillary Clinton in 2001, at that time Huma Abedin was an unknown but influential aide, so her connection the the Muslim World League went unexamined. 

The Patriots Daily Bites of American History:The Protestant Reformation Series 29, Volume 4:Hillsdale College free online course on the Constitution.







Here we are mid-week, some call it hump-day or is it actually Getting-Humped-Day? What do we know that we didn't yesterday, if anything? We already knew Barry was a Homosexual Muslim from Kenya, that he was a Empty-Suited Parasite controlled by Soros/Rothschild New World Order, "SHADOW GOVERNMENT" of ours....We already knew Hillary has DECADES of Experience at LYING, Hating, being a Lesbian, being a SADIST & a MUSLIM Loving Cunt....Oh well nothing ground breaking there either....The GOP released their report on BENGHAZI & IT CONFIRMED that Hillary was more interested in how her Nails, Hair & the Lipstick she uses to put on that PIG-SHIT Smile of hers than to Admit to the TRUTH about the Death of 4 Americans...much less admit to a FAILED Disastrous COUP she backed to topple LIBYA'S QADDAFI....And again as far as the CLINTON CRIME FOUNDATION goes we know she took & is STILL taking money from almost EVERY DAMN FOREIGN Country in the Universe ....How the hell does she bust CASHIERS CHECKS from Mars....I guess her Mentor GEORGE (HITLER) SOROS manages that with his Family ties to the ROTHSCHILD'S.....And also we weren't surprised to find her SERVANT that ran her Computer Email Operation, took the 5th Amendment so many times is sounded like it was STUCK on LOOP REPLAY into Infinity......Nothing news worthy there whatsoever.....its just, "Business As Usual" "SNAFU" or "FUBAR" you can take the pick as to the one most applicable....

Lets see in other not-so-surprising not-really-news this week....we find NYC Gays are blaming the Orlando killings on White Christians, I take it we are the problem & I guess it was the White Folks that Programmed the GUNS to KILL...Yesterday we had 4 Terrorists in TURKEY start a Crime Spree at the Istanbul Airport.....And as a reminder to those who are curious I did NOT mention that they were MUSLIM, they were Radical JIHADISTS or were even members of ISIS....Because it is NOW against the LAW to say, imply, infer, point out, state, describe MUSLIMS in any, I'll say it again ANY NEGATIVE Light whatsoever.....I mean really we no longer can state what should be self-evident...Muslims are the 2nd worse EVIL Pathogen in the WORLD, they come in though a VERY Close "SECOND" to Politicians.....I have yet to figure out which ones the ass & which ones the asshole...

Wait, one moment I hear someone knocking at the door....ooh crap, men dressed in black, carrying guns carrying papers with bright shinny badges on their lapels .....apparently I have a Snitch hidden in my keyboard, well I guess its Lawyers Guns & Money time ....See you later after I post BOND.....Back in the High life again... MAMMA TRIED to raise me better.....SO THIS IS IT ? Our day of Reckoning FLOPPED ..... 

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Food For Thought: The American Electorate Recognizing Some Very Uncomfortable Truths…

Trump is rattling some very heavy cages. The Never Trump movement has seduced many with a veil of lies. "The Powers That Be" are desperate. They will do any and everything possible to derail his nomination at the convention. Should they fail there, they will attempt to excoriate him in the general election with the aid of the Soros dominated MSM.

They did not get their man for the GOP nomination; thus, Hillary MUST win! She is a fellow Elitist. She their only hope to be able to continue retaining their strangle hold on their financial/political power while  operating behind the curtain. They cannot afford to have it drawn back and ripped down.

Whether you have historically found yourself aligning with the traditional political left (Democrats) or the traditional political right (Republicans), it really matters not. In the next several months we are about to see some very uncomfortable truths.

To our friends from the “Conservative Right”, we simply share a message: if we thought candidate Donald Trump had already revealed many usurping agents within our collective ranks, we ain’t seen nothing yet. 

us coc tweet trump speech
If we’re willing to bear witness, we are about to see just how deep, entrenched and controlling the Globalist/Wall Street financial tentacles are within the party apparatus.

We shall also witness the professional punditry, specific websites, particular radio voices, voluminous writers, historic authors, etc. who gain financial benefit from supporting these same usurping agents.

The Patriots Daily Bites of American History:The Protestant Reformation Series 28, Volume 4: Laws of nature according to Blackstone Law Books





In Case You Missed This:Trump Campaign Details 49 Blistering Allegations about Hillary Clinton

We need to see more of this type of information from Trump. Each assertion the Trump campaign lists is presented with government reports and/or media reports. 
Making allegations, (which are usually true), off the cuff with no immediate backup makes Trump appear impetuous. Even though he is often proven to be correct later, the damage to his image has been done.

by Alex Swoyer :
On Friday, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s campaign released the “Top 50 Facts about Hillary Clinton” that Trump detailed in his speech last Wednesday. Each assertion the Trump campaign lists is presented with government reports and/or media reports.

After Breitbart’s review, the 49 allegations, as number 11 was omitted in press release, listed by the Trump campaign mostly relate to Clinton’s involvement in “disastrous” trade deals for the United States as well as questionable decisions and interactions with foreign affairs — especially criticizing her decisions and involvement with interventions in the Middle East.

Below is the list of 49 facts presented by the Trump campaign and a brief summary of the details reviewed by Breitbart News, which were noted in the 35-page .pdf press release that will be downloaded to be read in more detail  here:

1. “Clinton Trade Deals ‘Are Disastrous’”

Trump’s campaign argues the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) — which was enacted by President Bill Clinton — and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), which is currently awaiting a vote in Congress and had support from Hillary Clinton, cause mass job losses in the United States — especially in the manufacturing industry.

2. “Clinton Lied About Her Landing In Bosnia”

In 2008, First Lady Hillary Clinton recalled a 1996 trip as First Lady to Bosnia. She was supposed to meet with families of U.S. soldier, but claimed upon landing she was under sniper fire and had to run with her head down instead of attending a greeting ceremony. An Associated Press report from 1996 detailing the eve of her arrival, however, made no mention of this incident. In fact, a CBS News video later revealed she was under no visible duress, greeted instead on the tarmac by a child who offered her a copy of a poem.

3. “Clinton Performed Favors for Donors As Secretary Of State”

Trump argues Clinton has used the Clinton Foundation as a way to fundraise where donors can gain access to political favors. He cites Raj Fernando who donated between $1 million and $5 million and was appointed as International Security Advisor to the State Department by Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s chief of staff.

He also details favors given to foreign leaders and Clinton Foundation donors such as the Sultan of Oman, Indian politician Amar Singh, and Russian’s Uranium One.

4. “The Clintons Made Millions From Speeches To Special Interests”

Trump hit Clinton over her big money speeches to Wall Street — something her Democratic challenger Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) also would use to criticize her during the 2016 Democratic primary, specifically for not releasing the transcripts of the secret speeches.

The Clintons made $153 million since 2011 giving speeches to special interests such as foreign governments, CEOs and lobbyists.

5. “Clinton Supported Her Husband’s ‘Disastrous’ NAFTA Policy”

As First Lady and again in 2003, Clinton praised NAFTA in her book; however, the Economic Policy Institute blames NAFTA for a loss of 700,000 jobs as of 2010.

6. “Clinton Supported China’s Entrance Into The WTO”

Trump’s campaign cites a television appearance on CNN in 2000 where Clinton says normalizing trade relations would allow U.S. companies to compete with China.

“I think it is in the interests of America and American workers that we provide the option for China to go into the WTO,” Clinton stated. “Right now, we are trading with China. We have a huge trade deficit with China. The agreement that has been negotiated between our two countries would open their markets to us in a way that they are not yet open, and in fact, for many large manufactured products, like automobiles, we would have the first chance to really get in and compete in that marketplace.”

7. “Since Hillary-Backed Trade Agreements Adoped Nearly 1/3 Of Americas Manufacturing Jobs Have Disappeared”

Trump argues that because of China’s entrance into the WTO in 2001, by 2013 the trade deficit with China skyrocketed and 3.2 million U.S. jobs were lost.

8. “The Trade Deficit With China Soared Under Clinton As Secretary Of State”

Trump says America’s trade deficit with China increased 40 percent while Clinton was Secretary of State.

9. “China Stole Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars In Intellectual Property During Clinton Tenure At State”

Trump’s campaign points to a 2013 report by the Independent Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property, which revealed that the U.S. lost $300 billion annually from American intellectual property (IP) rights having been stolen.

10. “Clinton Gave China Millions Of Jobs And Grew Rich In Return”

According to the Economic Policy Institute, after the U.S. normalized trade relations with China — as Clinton supported — 3.2 million U.S. jobs were displaced. Trump also points to a Washington Post article detailing how Bill Clinton received $56.3 million from speeches delivered in foreign countries including China.

11. “The Clintons Profited From Speeches To Chinese Interests While She Was Negotiating With China”

Trump cited Breitbart News editor Peter Schweizer’s book Clinton Cash during his speech, reading, “Here is a quote from the book, ‘at the center of U.S. Policy toward China was Hillary Clinton. At this critical time for U.S.- China relations, Bill Clinton gave a number of speeches that were underwritten by the Chinese government and its supporters. These funds were paid to the Clintons’ bank account directly, while Hillary was negotiating with China on behalf of the United States.’”

12. “Clinton Supported TPP Which Will Destroy Jobs”

Bloomberg reports that during her time as Secretary of State, Clinton helped draft the TPP trade deal and CNN notes that she delivered at least 45 public speeches supporting the deal. The Economic Policy Institute believes the TPP — which is a trade pact involving 11 nations — will eliminate more than 2 million jobs in the United States.

13. “Clinton Deleted The TPP Record From Her Book And 30,000 Emails”

According to the Trump campaign, in Clinton’s memoir Hard Choices, she wrote favorably in support of the TPP and about her hard work negotiating the deal during her time as Secretary of State, but according to The International Business Times, a recent paperback edition of Hard Choices omitted her earlier TPP reference.

Adding to the action of deleting information, Trump also cites Clinton’s private, personal email server where she conducted her business as Secretary of State and how she deleted, wiping the server clean, of her emails. 

Monday, June 27, 2016



I honestly think AMERICA has in fact PASSED the proverbial "TIPPING POINT" ...the INSANITY has just about spread Coast to Coast & Border to Border.....I suppose there are some POCKETS of RESISTANCE , but really now the Practical REALITY is that AMERICA is in fact a 'FAILED STATE"....Bankrupt both Morally & Physically....Directionless unless DOWN is considered a Direction...Delusional to the Point you can't even  have a RATIONAL Conversation with anyone (other than yourself) without Offending them or pissing them off....Hell I guess Fines will come Next....It'll just be sold as a "OUR SINS OF THE PAST TAX"....And HONEST TO GOD I saw an article where some IDIOT (likely White) is PROPOSING a WHITE (Caucasian)  tax....WTF is that because of my ELITE STATUS...I don't know WTF they're smoking....I don't live in a Mansion, Drive a Bentley, BMW or even a Lincoln....I still have a MORTGAGE, I'm surrounded by debt up to my ass....I don't DRINK Booze, Smoke Weed , Tobacco or Cocaine (like BARRY)...I drive a FORD TRUCK with over 100,000 miles on it....I have been Privileged & Honored to be AUDITED by the IRS.....Damn this kind of Prosperity I can LIVE without ....All I can say is "YOU HAVE A LOT OF DAMN GALL & NERVE"  to call my lifestyle one of Privilege....You & your Racist Audacity can leave the ROOM life and my direction happy or not is NOT...let me say that word again NOT CONTINGENT on your Worthless Meaningless Clueless APPROVAL...

Allow me to say this, I am sick of this damn BLAME GAME....You make the BED you Sleep In.....Who Gave you the RIGHT to JUDGE ME? Really now look at the False Idols or Messiahs people (if that's what the hell they are) look up to.....When did NARCISSISM become a Healthy, Desirable TRAIT? When did GREED become Good.?...And to use an old line when did "Ignorance Is Bliss" become a practical reality ? When did it become WRONG to let Boy be Boys or Girls be Girls? When did MUSLIM SUICIDE BOMBERS become misunderstood, unloved products of White Racism & Global Warming? When did it become "Against The Law" for me or anyone to have a CONTRARIAN Opinion....Oh I guess I now need a PERMIT for that....When did GOVERNMENT become our GOD? WHY? I sure as hell don't need this useless corrupt lawless Frankenstein Monster we call Government to EXIST....Hell without them WE just might Find that LIFE actually is WORTH LIVING....There still is Love in this World, that is besides SELF-LOVE ....WE might Discover they are REAL Truths that serve as Guide Posts for our LESSONS....We might Discover hat Responsibility is actually a very GOOD Thing....Some call it Pride, but in the end via the lessons, the trials & the Knowledge o wisdom....I call it BELIEVING.....This DAMN Government can't Regulate Happiness & Purpose, but they sure as hell can Regulate ...MISERY, HATE, SPITE & JEALOUSY that they use to destroy all that was good....

There is NOTHING GOOD WHATSOEVER about this is now just a tool for SATANIC SACRIFICE...."OURS"....IMO this Government in Washington DC serves the same master that Hitler , Stalin, Mussolini or any other Third World Dictator does...Governments started every WAR this UNIVERSE has witnessed...We are now to Stupid to see what's happening to America & to Fearful  to stop it....They will KILL all of us before its said & done....They don't care....all they need is a few slaves to work in their King-dome....the rest of us are expendable....

Before I part I wish to say hello & acknowledge Homeland Security, the Justice Dept, the FBI & the United Nation BUREAUCRATS that will read this & make another damn File for a Right Wing wit I say....good day & I'll see you in hell....THE NEW AMERICA, IS  A FAILED STATE ...IT ALSO FAILED ITS PEOPLE..

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The Patriots Daily Bites of American History:The Protestant Reformation Series 27, Volume 4:Present Day Power Grab





The President's Ideological Sentiment

Clare Lopez is states quite clearly what many have "known" all along. There is a penetration into the highest levels of our government with many key MB activist in sensitive positions.

Here are the names with links on several of them.

CIA Officer: Obama is a Muslim Agent with Brotherhood Ties to Take Down USA

Clare Lopez is a former CIA officer, and she is risking her professional career to call out President Barack Obama in a big way.

Lopez is respected in the intelligence community and worked in the Reagan White House. After two decades in the field with the CIA, and as a special forces instructor and intelligence students, Lopez now works with the Center for Security Policy and managers the counter-jihad and Shariah programs.

Now, she says Obama is why America has “switched sides” during the war on terrorism. America is now supporting the enemy through the Muslim Brotherhood.

Lopez has not spoken in public, but confided with a few people in the House of Representatives of her concerns about Obama’s motivations about foreign policy decisions.

Lopez noted that the war on terrorism has been about stopping the spread of Shariah Islamic law, until Obama started to make changes that support the Muslim Brotherhood’s jihadist interests.

She said the global war on terror was an effort to “stay free of Sharia,” or repressive Islamic law, until the Obama administration started siding with jihadist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates. 

Why this switch? 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Political Left And Right Correctly Defined

Many see their beliefs as leaning toward the philosophy of Classical Liberalism.  Unfortunately, present day liberals do not fit into that category. The majority of both  present day liberals and conservatives fall into the middle of the above scale which is categorized as rights violating ideologies and systems with a lesser degree of force than the left side.

Unfortunately, far too many have gravitated toward the left side of the scale which expresses intolerance and has no compunction against the use of force against those who disagree.

The reason for much of the present day political unrest is reflected in the chart above. Does the average American fit into either the Left or Middle categories? How many times has a call for a third party been sounded, but the ingrained two party system continues to rule, even though it does NOT serve the majority of the electorate.

Thus, those who do choose to cast their ballots are voting for candidates whom they feel do not truly represent them. The resulting  dissatisfaction with the two party system begins with
disillusionment and then inevitably moves toward anger. Me thinks we have approached the anger end of the scale.

by Craig Biddle
I’m often asked versions of the following: Given that the political right is so corrupted by conservatives who seek to limit liberty in countless ways, wouldn’t it be better to abandon the language of “left” vs. “right” and adopt new terminology?

My answer is that, because the terms “left” and “right” are already widely used to denote the basic political alternative, and because that alternative is in fact binary, the best approach for advocates of freedom is not to reject the prevalent terminology but to clarify it—by defining the relevant terms.

The problem with conventional approaches to the left-right political spectrum is that they either fail to define the alternatives in question, or proceed to define them in terms of non-essentials.

One common approach, for instance, fails to specify the precise nature of either side, yet proceeds to place communism, socialism, and modern “liberalism” on (or toward) the left—and fascism, conservatism, and capitalism on (or toward) the right. 

The Patriots Daily Bites of American History:The Protestant Reformation Series 26, Volume 4: Cry of the Reformers





Saturday, June 25, 2016

A View Point: Brexit Was Sparked by Rape and Crime

In addition to other reasons given, e.g. excessive regulations, loss of sovereignty, etc., the title of the essay below reflects the real reason behind the backlash regarding the unrestrained influx of migrants. Although the British tabloids have been much more outspoken than the rest of "official" UK, the enforced policy since 2009 was to "go easy on the Muslims".

Courageous Brits who continually fought back were black balled as intolerant, extremist, racists, fascist and often jailed.  Tommy Robinson, leader of the EDL, has been jailed several times and most recently for launching the UK branch of PEGIDA. 



Allow me once again to state I have read most of the books by HUXLEY, ORWELL , AYN RAND as well as many others & they all state in their own way the old quote or cliche', "that absolute power corrupts absolutely" Now I ASK you; is that simplistic statement that hard to Understand, Discern, Follow, Figure out or just SEE? Why is it that what should be OBVIOUS to many apparently or pathetically ISN'T....Hell it's one thing to say they don't have a Frigging Clue, but come on....Has this Fragmented,  Fractured Phony Culture taken so many Opiates, Sedatives, Codeine,Cocaine, Reds, Yellows LSD & BOOZE that they don't even have the Will to Live or a Survival Instinct? "IT IS DIFFICULT TO  FREE FOOLS FROM THE CHAINS THEY REVERE" VOLTAIRE....sadly that thought holds a Terrible TRUTH....And the opposite of that thought goes this way , "You See Something Happening Here But You Just Don't Know What It Is, Do You Mr Jones" Bob Dylan....This Society, (that is if that's what the hell it is what),is too Ignorant to see the Truth, too Sedated to see the Truth, Too Confused to see the Truth, too obsessed with what SEX are they (Male, Female or Both) , too Lazy to see the Truth or hell they haven't got a clue what the term TRUTH is, because it has never, never , never been Defined, Described, Drawn or Prescribed as NECESSARY for them to get Food Stamps, work as a Non Questioning Slave & to Breed more little COMMUNIST MUSLIM VOTERS...

The Patriots Daily Bites of American History:The Protestant Reformation Series 25, Volume 4:Mayflower Compact





Friday, June 24, 2016



Well here we are another day out on the "Ponderosa" same discussions, the same Over-Hype, the same Points & Counter-Points, the same DOOM in the end regardless of what road we take, the same old lame SALES Pitch, the same old LIES, the same old NON-Solutions for anything....Lets face it this damn government , with today's versions of NON-LEADERS  couldn't find their way ACROSS the Street, let alone through a Darkened Alley..

I guess we should prepare ourselves for the PROFITEERS that masquerade as Soothsayers , Mind-Readers, Fortune-Tellers or MESSIAHS...all the while telling the whole world the other guy is the literal Anti-Christ...

If Anyone Understands Islam: It Is Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Why Does The Left Dismiss Her

Short Answer: She courageously battles the Left's comfortable narrative of the Muslim world

The post below
By Jeff Robbins says it all. Ali is an ex Muslim woman, who has lived with the horrors Islam's treatment of women and, by telling the truth, factually threatens the Western Left's unicorn view of Islam. She is excoriated for doing so.

In contrast, Carla Power's What Ayaan Hirsi Ali Doesn’t Get About Islam reflects sheer ignorance. The following excerpt from her piece is a breathtaking, reality challenged defense by a Westerner, who incidentally claims, that Ali does not understand Islam. Really?

Thursday, June 23, 2016

War Grade Arsenal of Weapons Confiscated at Mosque in Germany

Monitor the mosques.

“The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the Muslim faithful our soldiers…”
―Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey
NRW: arsenal with “heavy weapons of war” in mosque excavated
Epoch Times, Sunday, June 19, 2016 (thanks to RF):
ANRW (Nordrhein-Westfalen): Weapons arsenal with war grade weapons were found near a mosque.

A weapons depot belonging to radical Islamists was found in NRW. The top secret search took place a week ago and war grade weapons were found. This is reported by the Hessian representative Ismail Tipi (CDU).

According to information from the Hessian CDU representative Ismail Tipi, about a week ago a top secret search by SEKS (Spezialeinsatzcommando – or
SWAT team) in Northrhein-Westfalen took place. In the refrigerator room of a grocer/vegetable seller located near a mosque, weapons were discovered and seized.

The Patriots Daily Bites of American History:The Protestant Reformation Series 24, Volume 4: Biography of King James







As the old saying goes something's change & something's never change... It's just the same old crap over & over again...those in the military know it as SNAFU.....Isn't there a POINT in Time when as a Parent, as a Good Friend as someone with at least a penance, a smidgen of knowledge willing to do the TOUGH LOVE thing with your Spoiled Child,Puppy, Cat or MONKEY that when they GO beyond what is "REASONABLE" (whatever the. Crap that means anymore) that you SHAME or PUNISH to TEACH them a know its that " teaching defining moment" thing...Your puppy "poops' in the floor you may their nose in it & scold them....If your child does it you try to encourage them to do better by encouragement as well as shaming or embarrassing them.....EITHER WAY its a BEHAVIOR DON'T Reward BAD BEHAVIOR, or you shouldn't or you'll pay a heaver PRICE later...

The Cyber Threat: Russian Hackers Behind DNC Breach Seeking to Influence U.S. Election

These attacks by our enemies are serious. Once again our "leader" does nothing. If this lack of defending the nation on all fronts continues, American freedom and values will be razed. What is more, how many truly understand what the full ramifications will be.