Monday, November 30, 2015

Drudge Sends the Biggest Secret Viral: “America Has Been Arming ISIS”

Many have been saying this all along and are not surprised that the full truth has finally been exposed. Those who have refused to even think about such a treasonous act by the WH, will continue to deny it.


The biggest open secret in the world has just been tweeted by the world’s biggest news aggregator.

Matt Drudge drives so much web traffic that he basically has his own gravity, and now the often-reclusive figure has sent out a message that should be a wake-up call for those who have been broadcasting news about the threat that ISIS poses.

Following their mass murder spree in Paris, the terrorist group is supposedly planning attacking inside America, all while taking supposedly also taking on the biggest military powers in the world during their protracted struggle for an Islamic State caliphate inside Syria and Iraq.

What would the world do if it realized the truth – that ISIS is the creation of Western forces, and that the United States has in fact been arming and supporting their own worst enemy?:

A shocking truth is unfolding: America has been arming ISIS…

— MATT DRUDGE (@DRUDGE) November 24, 2015

Will Donald Trump ,Make it to be Our Next US President or will something Happen...?

Interesting take on Trump By Bill Bennett:


Wasn't it Will Rogers that said something to the effect,"Is this the best Government MONEY can buy"....well is it? Did you find yourself this morning while going through you bank statements you were not only RICH beyond measure , but the FEDERAL GESTAPO deposited a few EXTRA GRAND in you account?....I don't think so.....not in this lifetime & not from the CIRCUS MASTERS we allow to Control us..

I'm sorry But I can't thing of one thing that's better today then it was 30 years ago other than Technology....and that SADLY is being USED against us....Ask yourself this; do the benefits outweigh the negatives.?...I'm not so sure....It seems funny to me that ALL of the Self-Righteous Hippocrates that want to TAKE everything I own.... Past, Present & Future are either EVIL Billionaires, Like George Soros, Brain-Dead, Brainwashed Stooges or the Parasites that are FEEDING off of OUR hard work....Pardon Ez Moi....first Charity is my Gift to others , not taking it away from me.....Personally I'm sick & tired of WASTING my food, my money & my time on Cancerous Bottom Feeding Parasites....

Anyone who thinks this world is better than yesterday is IMO Certifiably NUTS ....Or you are the PROBLEM ...

Let's look at the "topic de jour"...Immigration , forced or illegal.....By & large if those who were coming into this country were amongst the "Best & the Brightest" it would change the NARRATIVE abundantly....If they Loved what AMERICA (the old) could offer in would also change the NARRATIVE....but as strange as it seem our LOVING LEADERS aren't going after that Brain Trust.... IMO only want useful tool, pawns & most importantly DEMOCRATIC-COMMUNIST VOTERS....This is not about Charity ....this is about DEATH.,,,Your Death, My Death & most importantly the DEATH of AMERICA & all of what Few FREEDOMS we had left....

Ask yourself this ...Would you KNOWINGLY vote for a Member of the MAFIA, ISIS, Chinese or Russian SPY for office?...Al Capone to Benedict Arnold come to mind....BUT Pardon Ez Moi again, but what or who the crap did you think you were electing.....These aren't BOY SCOUTS....PREACHERS....

This Government is full of Parasites who consider themselves as Prima Dona's ...they are simply Sociopath's, Narcissists, they are the WORST of the Worst...But Pardon Ez Moi, they are DARN good Crooks, Thieves & Liars...But the thing is (oxymoron) is most us us know it...

When you have NO REAL Leadership there is little wonder people get lost in the Maze.....Then the outcome becomes predictable... You get apathetic, you affixation sets in & by doing nothing you set up the Apocalyptic World in which we live .... You die....

Lest me ask you this....IS THIS AS GOOD AS IT GETS? If it is we SCREWED OURSELVES mightily.....Do you hire WOLVES to Guard the Hen House ? Do we hire embezzlers to protect your Savings? Do we Hire Pedophiles to Guard our Children? Do you invite Murderers & Rapists into your Home & Neighborhood?

The answer to those QUESTIONS should be a resounding, emphatic & Forceful NO....Then WTH are we doing ? We are getting nothing but MISERY from this Corrupt Communist Dictatorship....These Pathological Liars who think & pass themselves off a GODS are going to KILL everyone of us in the end if we CONTINUE down this road....SO, WHY ARE WE ACCEPTING LESS.....I'm sorry I don't have a Death wish....This is the Worst Government our money could buy....just prettier & better dressed than HITLERS ....



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Again Mainstream Media Is Not reporting the News about Obama !

If this truth was actually reported by Mainstream Media, Obama would be facing impeachment proceedings next week...

Oregon Rancher Fears for His Life after Feds Threaten Him Through His Attorney :

Time to circle the wagons and come to the aid of a fellow American patriot...

The Democratic Party and there Communist candidates for President

New Video Proves Bernie Sanders is a Communist 

Is America on Its Way to Fascism?

In his 1954 book entitled Today's Isms: Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Capitalism, Dr. William Ebenstein cogently describes the various "isms" that continue to convulse the world.

As personal liberty is eroded in this country and Americans are uninformed about the "violence and terror of totalitarian communism and fascism," a reflection of Ebenstein's ideas is very much warranted.

When countering whether fascism is a threat to democratic nations, Ebenstein maintains that "the danger in a democracy like the United States is not outright fascism ... but the insidious and unnoticed corroding of democratic habits[.]" Consider the burgeoning growth of intolerance against dissenting ideas that permeates so many American universities.

Sunday, November 29, 2015


Former Obama Girl Burns Obama T-Shirt And Calls Him “The Biggest Fraud Ever Perpetrated On American People” 

(by Susannah Cole, BIN) -- Former Obama Girl, Carrie Wedler, has no problem telling the world how she feels about Obama now!

“Mr. Obama, you are the biggest fraud that has ever been perpetrated on the American people. So I think it’s about time….to burn your shirt.”

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Saturday, November 28, 2015


by Robby Bowling

I get sick & tired of the LIBERALS as well as the RINO'S around the World  that POINT At the LEADERSHIP & PROBLEMS OF THE countries and SPIN it like they have been GIFTED by GOD the all the Answers....Let me say this & get it Off of My Chest .... The Narcissistic, Sociopathatic,Delusional PRICKS, ASSES or FAUX MESSIAHS of this Land are not one bit Smarter, Brighter or Illuminating as those in RUSSIA, KENYA, FRANCE, IRAN, IRAQ or Germany as well as any Third World Dictatorship.....

The fact just might be our ball-less Leaders are at Minimum the EQUAL or LEADER in this WORLD'S CORRUPTION, DELUSIONS, NO-SOLUTIONS, FOOLS,ADDICTIONS, LIES, LIARS & CHICANERY.....How Proud we should be that we are SERVED, SCREWED & ABUSED by the WORST but Best Dressed Counterfeits this WORLD has ever seen.....

Could it be that in the near future, because of COMMON CORE Standards, we will have CROOKS of the Year Awards, LIARS of the Year Awards, FAILURES of the Year....MUSLIM of the Year........

Russian Airstrikes Hit Turkish Convoy Delivering WeaponsTo ISIS

Apparently there is way more going on with the Russo/Turkish conflict than we are being made aware of. To many, the Turkish shoot down of the Russian fighter made no sense. The following article sheds some light on the issue

Excerpt From Following Article: “The shooting down of a Russian aircraft near the Syrian border was in line with Ankara’s struggle to establish itself as a dominant” power,” retired US Army Major General Paul Vallely was quoted as saying by Iran’s Press TV on Thursday.

Gen. Vallely warned the United States and other NATO member nations that Turkey must be removed from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization because “it poses a big and important issue in many ways for other members.”

by Jim Kouri

The incident involving the shooting down of a Russian warplane by the Turkish military may have had to do with Turkey’s cooperation with the radical Islamic fighters in Syria and Russia’s decision to help the Arab dictator Bashar al-Assad fight both the Islamists and the secular rebel fighters attempting to over-throw Assad.

In the aftermath of the Turkish military shooting down a Russian air force plane, the killing of its pilot, and the attack on a Russian rescue helicopter, the violence between those two nations is becoming more intensified, according to an American expert on radical Islam, Walter Anasara, a former police counterterrorism unit leader.

On Thanksgiving Day, Russian airstrikes blasted trucks which were allegedly transporting weapons and equipment from NATO member Turkey to the Muslim terrorists fighting in the war-torn city of Aleppo, Syria. News media in the Middle East indicate that this is not the first time such a scenario occurred, with Turkish intelligence officer assisting ISIS and Al Nusra Front, al-Qaida’s Syrian offshoot.

“The shooting down of a Russian aircraft near the Syrian border was in line with Ankara’s struggle to establish itself as a dominant” power,” retired US Army Major General Paul Vallely was quoted as saying by Iran’s Press TV on Thursday.

Gen. Vallely warned the United States and other NATO member nations that Turkey must be removed from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization because “it poses a big and important issue in many ways for other members.”

Besides the Turkish convoy attack, the Syrian government air force and Russian warplanes also intensified their attacks on positions held by terrorists from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) throughout Aleppo province.

“The Russian and Syrian airstrikes hit the Takfiri [Sunni] militants’ positions in the Southern countryside of Aleppo. However, there were no immediate reports of… casualties among the terrorists,” Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen television reported.

Earlier on Wednesday, media reports suggested that the President Assad’s Syrian Army and its Iranian military allies have made great strides in combating ISIS jihadists in the eastern section of Aleppo and managed to force ISIS fighters to retreat from the strategic Humaymah hilltop.

The media reports also claimed that the Syrian army, the country’s National Defense Forces (NDF) and Lebanese-based Hezbollah fighters—who are funded by and allied with Shiite Iran —continued their joint anti-terrorism operation during fierce clashes with the Takfiri terrorists. Takfiri is an Arabic term for a Sunni Muslim who accuses another Muslim from a different sect of apostasy. For example, Sunni Muslims believe Shiite Muslims are heretics.

Turkish news editor prosecuted for reporting on Turkey and ISIS dealings


by Robby Bowling

It is a fact that every species of animal , insect, parasites or micro-organism has a Natural Enemy....Some of these species have enemies from within that present far more danger then lets say sitting in a Snake Pit....At least you knew the SNAKES were venomous....

This so-called human life form with the mythical ability to think (not-so-rationally) is on top of the list.....Let me get this out of the way, I don't care about what kind of Government or Society you lived in Socialist/Communist/ Democracy or a Republic you never could get away from the "CAST SYSTEM" ...the haves & the have-nots....there is & was always envy, jealousy & hate....Let's also throw into the mix the ISSUES of Nationality.....English/French/Spanish ,German & all the others... That further divides this so-called intelligent species....And then allow me to introduce you RELIGION (major ones)....of lack thereof .....Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist , Muslim & Atheism...We just divided the species into more sub-groups...

Lets be honest here the MAJORITY of WARS were fought over Wealth, Minerals or HATE....the hate part starts with Religion & Nationality.....So the logical conclusion is thus , there is always going to be someone who wants it's the old King on The Hill thing, The Top Dog...I'm better than you...

My point here I this, the Christians & the Jewish people have a SWORN ENEMY with the MUSLIMS (Islam)....The Muslims want it all....yet our Political Correct Culture has invited this Cancerous Hate-Filled species to live & prosper with us....Part of the Paradox is's the Christians & Jews that have to compromise & sacrifice...not the Muslims.....What does that say about Human Intelligence of lack thereof?

The Muslim Brotherhood

That is why the evil Ottoman Empire that gave us World War 1, the Barbary Pirates, the Slave Trade, and the Dark Ages was broken up by the Treaty that ended World War 1

The Muslim Brotherhood are Terrorists, they worked with Adolf Hitler during World War 2, they have not changed.

The Hamas are the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine.

The Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers in the United States are Terrorists inside the United States.

CAIR was set up and financed by the Hamas from Palestine and has worked with Terrorists.

The United States should not work with, support, or finance the nations with Islamic Law or Terrorists, even when our President is a Muslim.

I do not make up things to embarrass Barack Obama and his Administration.

Barack Obama and his Administration do things that should embarrass every citizen of the United States and piss off everyone in the world who loves children, women, human life, Human Rights and Freedom.

Not one Damn Incumbent in the United States, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, the guys in The Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, the Nation of Islam, and the New Black Panthers, and George Soros have not been arrested for Treason, or for Treason and for conspiracy to aid, support, and commit Terrorism.

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Atom Bomb of Global Feminism : Updated 11/29/15

And The French Women Take the Lead 

I have maintained time and time again...As my late mother had foretold many years before...Women are truly the front leaders in fighting radical Islam...And here is the proof..The naturally embedded courage which women are endowed with is truly staggering..I know of no man who would have even a fraction of such strength and bravery to disrupt such an event..Not one.... in light of the recent horrific and truly tragic monstrosity and act of evil by ISIS criminals in Paris and also the heroic act of the French woman as depicted in the image above...I am compelled to share with everyone once again the truly wise and even ingenious words of my late dear mother and officially recognized American hero, expert on Iranian and Middle Eastern history and culture who had lived in the Middle eastern region since she was no more the 17 years of age, Linda Kay Mckim/Radmanesh...As she had once stated....there is only but one decisive solution in combating and thus destroying this scourge upion humanity radical Islam within the Middle East...The following is a statement she made to this effect during her 9 years in captivity in Iran...I suggest the world take close heed to her words of wisdom:

             Darius Radmanesh


With regards to Middle Eastern women, especially Kurdish and Iranian women...These two groups of women are very much fully aware of their powers and abilities...All they need is to be given a chance and rest assured there will be a social and cultural revolution which will explode across the Middle East...which will jump start the greatest and most powerful Feminist/Matriarchal revolution and movement the world has ever seen ....In fact my late dear mother Linda Kay Mckim ( Civil Rights activist/Women's rights activist and campaigner and American hero ) who her self lived in the Middle East since she was no more the 17 years of age....always referred to the Middle east as the atom bomb of global Feminism just waiting to explode.....When it explodes it will initiate a cultural and social revolution in the Middle East, which will shake radical/extremist Islam to its core and bring about its ultimate collapse and demise.

It will make the 1920's and 60's Feminist movements of the west look like child's play in comparison.....The reason for this is because Middle Eastern women by nature are like ferocious lionesses....After all why is it do you think that the extremists in that region are so determined to keep women enslaved and suppressed??...This isn't just down to sexual interest etc...Its mainly because they know what their women are capable of and what will happen if they even for one second loosen their grip over them...They are fully aware that they are no match for their women counter parts...Just look to history and this fact is very much evident.......If you study history regarding the battles between Rome and ancient Persia Iran...You will see that the Roman legionaries weir horrified and terrified of the Iranian women soldiers...Many Roman, generals left detailed accounts about how the women warriors of Iran ( Persia ) fought with a gallantry and ferocity surpassing any of their male counterparts.

-Linda Kay Mckim/Radmanesh, 1985 Iran

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Islam, And The Law of The Land

Janet Mackley
Found this today and thought it was worth sharing with everyone...

Islam, by law, is prohibited from US immigration...

The Immigration and Nationality Act passed June 27, 1952 revised the laws relating to immigration, naturalization, and nationality for the United States. That act, which became Public Law 414, established both the law and the intent of Congress regarding the immigration of Aliens to the US and remains in effect today. Among the many issues it covers, one in particular, found in Chapter 2 Section 212, is the prohibition of entry to the US if the Alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by "force, violence, or other unconstitutional means." This, by its very definition, rules out Islamic immigration to the United States, but this law is being ignored by the White House.

The laws prohibits entry of "Aliens who the consular officer or the Attorney General knows or has reason to believe seek to enter the United States solely, principally, or incidentally to engage in activities which would be prejudicial to the public interest, or endanger the welfare, safety, or security of the United States." It also prohibits the entry of Aliens who are members of or affiliated with any organization that advocates or teaches, the overthrow by force, violence, or other unconstitutional means of the US or of all forms of law, and Aliens who publish, circulate and distribute materials teaching or advocating the overthrow by force, violence or other unconstitutional means of the US Government or of all forms of law.

Islamic immigration to the US would be prohibited under this law because the Koran, Sharia Law and the Hadith all require complete submission to Islam, which is antithetical to the US government, the Constitution, and to the Republic. All Muslims who attest that the Koran is their life's guiding principal subscribe to submission to Islam and its form of government.

Now the political correct crowd would say that Islamists cannot be prohibited from entering the US because Islam is a religion. Whether it is a religion is immaterial because the law states that Aliens who are affiliated with any "organization" that advocates the overthrow of our government are prohibited. It also prohibits those who distribute literature that advocates the overthrow of our country, which would include the Koran.
In fact, there are many verses in the Koran that command Islamists to kill those who do not submit to allah and the prophet. If Congress so desired to hold the White House accountable to the current immigration of refugees (which also must comply with the law), it has the Immigration and Nationality Act to cite.

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Friday, November 27, 2015


OH BOY, a DEMO-RAT pundit on the News talking about Barry's Legacy & his final days in WASHINGTON.....Said Her Majesty has a whole TEAM (MUSLIMS) of people working on the issues he wants to deal with & shove up our arse....

Do they all have Gas-Cans in their hands with Torches lit?....are they turning TERMITES loose on what's left of the Fabric of American life?.....Are they writing more Hate Scripts for FAUX Protests?.....

Pardon Ez Moi, I don't believe there are more than TEN (10) People in WASHINGTON who give a RATZ-ASS about anything but their NARCISSISTIC Selves .....
I will be SURPRISED at BARRY'S parting Ceremony he doesn't have Flower Girls throwing ,"Lotus Blossoms" on the trail for the Empress to walk on....What a Pathetic BAD JOKE this Sorry excuse for a HUMANOID is.....This Country has SUNK into the Deepest Darkest Abyss mankind has seen since the CAVEMEN came out of the Caverns they lived in.....Crap and we thought we were actually SUPERIOR to the APES.....I DON'T THINK SO....

And if I may add, on a day after "THANKSGIVING" this non-visionary POS Muslim Turd can shove his view up his on "arse"...Am I supposed to feel the Love, the Caring & the Guidance from this Messianic Fool from HELL or does he & those he works for want me to RELENT to the OVERT pressure & be Controlled...Only to feel so eternally grateful that "Her High-Horsed Highness" didn't send MUZZ-RAT Solders to kick in my door & yours and imprison or Kill us....

The very UGLY REALITY is thus; this Government has Stolen & Squandered everything we are or were....We are about as FREE as the Masses of People were in the 1960's RUSSIA or CHINA.....Was this Type of SOCIALISM , COMMUNISM, MARXISM or now BARRY-ISM what we REALLY needed to correct the problems of the WORLD....Past Sins & all.....Or was this just an Excuse for those who wish to ACT like GODS & False Messiahs to control everything you are, what you think you are or what you want to be.....

The strange thing is this....this SHIP is SINKING either like the BISMARK or the TITANIC ...and we apparently are to STUPID to Realize it....
To use a Liberal term...."WHERE'S THE MORNING AFTER PILL" pill for this BASTARD Child of Satan GOVERNMENT we've created...It's Mission needs to be ABORTED ASAP....

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Football Coach Nails Obama and the Democrat's

PLEASE read this. Lou Holtz explains this situation we are in brilliantly. He ‘hits the nail on the head’. See if you don’t agree.

Leo “Lou” Holtz
Lou Holtz Nails It !!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Imagine for just a moment

The grandeur of it all

As majestic as any mountain
From any hollowed hall
We hear the sounds & the fury
And we've know passion & pain
Will we rise up to the moment
And take hold of the reigns

Once a land of plenty
Finds the harvest now parched
From the seeds of envy
Our pastures were torched
Once a land of beauty
Is now one full of hate
The disciples of Satan
Now carry the weight,,,

We should remember the courage
That it took to build
And to turn a dream & a vision
Into one of free will
There were those before us
Who paved our way
And shinned the light on God's glory
And our promised New day

Have we lost that vision
Do we no longer believe
That where there is truth & kindness
God will hear our pleas
We need to return to the dream
Yet understand there's a task
If we're seeking Salvation
God will make this one last

So today as I give thanks
For my family and friends
And that love's lasting endurance
Wasn't wasted in the end
As I give thinks for the visions
As I give thanks every night
So together let us pray
That God can make this right


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Tuesday, November 24, 2015


For many of us,especially perhaps the "BABY BOOMER GENERATION" as we approach the Holidays it becomes a perspective or if you will a trip down MEMORY LANE.....First it starts with FAMILY, our FAITH & our FRIENDS that we cherish and love....And we also spend time Reminiscing about those few Special souls that have departed this "Material Plane" for the "Spiritual Plane." We loved them, we miss them & they will Never be forgotten....

As I look at today's world & as I remember the World that I was born into....I find comfort in the old world & I find none in today's...And as far as "Thanksgiving" goes I must admit I thank God for the Privilege that I was Granted or Gifted that TIME to be Born & to live.....I hate to admit at times I'm an Old Man, but those were in fact Better Days....

Think about it, in that now by-gone era a simple "Hand Shake " actually meant something....Your promises & your "word" were bonds worth keeping....Now don't get me wrong there were Crooks, Thieves, Cons & Corrupt Politicians in those Grand Old Yesteryear but I don't think it compares to the "Plague of Corruption" we have these day....Wow I guess I give away my age a bit as I remember an old (RIP) Warren Zevon song, "Lawyers, Guns & Money" ...IMO that perfectly describes today's world. Let alone AMERICA ....

Those were the years you could actually Sing the "National Anthem,"say "The Lords Prayer," admit you were a Christian or Jewish without fearing reprisal....But think about it...we not only have to deal with the MUSLIMS & ATHEISTS, but now we have to deal with the Political Correctness Groups that are in all actuality just Government Front Groups....

And thinking back at what we called, "THE COLD WAR ERA" it was nothing compared to these days ...Think for a moment about the term "Mutually Assured Destruction!" It implied the Whole Wide World going away with one big BOOM....Then I would look at the Pictures of RUSSIANS, their Families, their Children...I said to myself...they look & act just like "you & Me" you rationalize the issue & you say this....War may come, but this thing about BLOWING this WORLD into another Dimension...not likely ....

But today as I look at the Leaders in Iran, Turkey, Syria & Iraq....I ponder for a moment....Then I look at WASHINGTON & our Testicle Free Communist Government & then all I can say is we are SCREWED....

Back to my I think about "THANKSGIVING" I think GOD for the AMERICA I grew up with, The Family I Loved, The Friends I Love & Adore (then & Now)...when we were Principled ,Giving ,Charitable & Kind..... When we had leaders flaws & all like Eisenhower, Patton, MacArthur and even Reagan.....and NOT the Clinton's, Bush's or Obama's....We had fun in those days, we played hard but we loved....We had dreams....we believed....
We were family, we were one & we were united....We were Christian

"THANKSGIVING" is not a 5 minute sermon from the MUSLIM loving Barry about our SINS of yesterday, nor is it Cash-Registers ringing at Wally-World or Sears....It's supposed to be a reminder of what we's supposed to be an inspiration for's supposed to be about real people....who sacrificed for their love of Family & their Nation....

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Would a vote for Hillary in reality be a vote for Huma?

Hillary With Her Protector:  
Much has been written regarding the close relationship between Hillary and Huma, most of which will not be addressed here. However, there is one aspect of their relationship which is becoming more obvious--that of Huma's role as Hillary's current protector.

In an email obtained by Judicial Watch , Huma states that "she's often confused". The entire thread is here and shows Huma's concern for Hillary.

Have Hillary's cognitive functions been compromised by her fall, concussion, or whatever her injury was? 

Erick Erickson raised that very question recently:
Does Hillary Clinton Have Permanent Brain Damage?

I know that after her fall and head injury Hillary Clinton got a clean bill of health. But now it turns out that Clinton approved Human Abedin’s status at the State Department where Anthony Weiner’s wife could work for both the State Department and the Clinton Foundation.
I bring up the head injury and possible lasting damage because just last month Hillary Clinton denied she played any role in approving this.
But newly uncovered documents show that Hillary Clinton was directly involved.
This comes on the heels of all the emails, the mixed and confused messages, the apology, the non-apology, etc.
I think it is time to get all of Mrs. Clinton’s medical records, including brain scans, to see if there might be something else going on.
Hillary has always been surrounded by protectors, and thereby has seemed to weather one storm after another. Perhaps the historical fortress may be weakening, but will it be enough to bring her down.

How Hillary Clinton’s Loyal Confidants Could Cost Her the Election is a well researched piece which gives a history of Hillary's interactions with her closest staff.

Trump On American Corporations :


American Corporations Will Continue to Outsource American jobs Until Donald Trump Intervenes Them

Sunday, November 22, 2015


I have finely come to terms that I am not only out of TOUCH with this world , I apparently don't fit in, don't belong & I no longer understand.....
I don't believe in Communism....America seems to now
I don't believe that ISLAM is a religion of Peace.....Americans seems to now
I don't believe Children are born with uni-sexual .....Americans seems to now
I don't believe homosexuality is normal or preferred..... Americans seems to now
I don't believe in sexual confusion (Transsexuals) ....Americans seems to now
I believe in Christianity & kindness......Americans no longer seems to now
I believe in leading by example.....Americans no longer seems to now
I believe in courage & strength......Americans no longer seems to now
I believe in truth & that people can handle it.... Americans no longer seems to now
I believe you work to become your better self.....Americans no longer seems to now
I do believe in knowledge & a higher power....Americans no longer seems to now.
I don't believe a WORD that is spoken out of Washington....Americans still seem to now
I don't believe a word I hear from the media.....Americans still seen to now
I no longer think this country has a vision & a purpose to answer it's calling...Yet Many Americans do
I no longer BELIEVE in this Government or it's willingness to protect it's people...Yet many Americans don't care
I believe this REPUBLIC is DYING a slow death .....And Most of America is just fine with that.....

WHAT HAVE WE BECOME ? Is this a Nation of Cowards & Parasites?
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The Dynamic Duo: AKA The Bill & Hillary Crime Machine

The wheeling and dealing of the Clintons has been suspected and, in many cases, well known from their days in Arkansas. Despite the many scandals in both of their personal lives, which will not be discussed here, they have weathered many storms and achieved immense wealth and power throughout their political careers.

The following article courtesy of Flopping Aces is an excellent compendium of their checkered past. Many of us already "know" they are corrupt, but may not know the full extent of heir outright criminal dealings rife with conflict of interest.

The Clinton Crime Continuum

Ah, it’s good to be a Clinton. They have leveraged their political positions to raise $3 billion over the last 40 years:

LITTLE ROCK — Over four decades of public life, Bill and Hillary Clinton have built an unrivaled global network of donors while pioneering fundraising techniques that have transformed modern politics and paved the way for them to potentially become the first husband and wife to win the White House.

The grand total raised for all of their political campaigns and their family’s charitable foundation reaches at least $3 billion, according to a Washington Post investigation.

Their fundraising haul, which began with $178,000 that Bill Clinton raised for his long-shot 1974 congressional bid, is on track to expand substantially with Hillary Clinton’s 2016 White House run, which has already drawn $110 million in support.

People don’t hand over cash for nothing. They expect something in return and Hillary has come through for them.

The transfer of 20 percent of US uranium — the stuff used to build nuclear weapons — to Vladimir Putin did not rise to the level of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s time and attention?

Beyond being an admission of extreme executive negligence on an issue of utmost national security, Hillary’s statement strains credulity to the breaking point for at least three other reasons.

Saturday, November 21, 2015


by Robby Bowling:

Where else in the so called WORLD does Citizenship seem so meaningless.. This Communist Dictatorship complete with its QUEEN is handing it out like its candy for kids....

What No One in the FAUX MEDIA will tell you bringing in Refugees from SYRIA & Illegals from Mexico will do is RIG the Political System Permanently for the COMMUNIST REGIME in Power....

It will also be the Last Chapter for CHRISTIANITY in AMERICA....

Let Face the UGLY REALITY....So long as the COMMUNISTS NEED the PARASITES to keep their High & Mighty Thrones they will allow anything to happen....Chaos or Anarchy , they will allow murders, rapes, child molestation while giving them the FREE but earned benefits of this society... like Food Stamps, Housing, Insurance much less the right to live a lifestyle as they see fit... By that I mean no ASSIMILATION whatsoever....The Working Class pay the Bill & all they have to do is VOTE as many times as the can for the Communist Party....

I am as many of you know, what they Call a "Baby Boomer" so I have seen my share of the past....and the day ahead of me ...well my time and Trials are well, limited...But from the perspective of a Storyteller...this Chapter & Verse are soon to come to an end , if we don't take control of our own DESTINY....

Cancer doesn't not CURE itself.....Yet everyday we allow those DRUNK with their SELF-RIGHTEOUS POWER to infect the Waters, the Streams, The Dreams of our own private world....By that I mean the Little World Between you, me & the other....WE have allowed this carcinogen to essentially make our own little private world a, "HELL HOLE"

Ask yourself this when was the LAST TIME you REALLY felt GOOD about the know the Peace, Goodwill to all mankind thing....I'll bet its been a long time....How many of you have had Life altering experiences...That is, the REAL thought you were dying....A real illness...You will NEVER Look at this World again in the same light...

Why do we believe this Government has the Good INTENTIONS of it's PEOPLE....We sadly are in DENIAL about the FACT we are a DYING, FLOUNDERING Culture.... Apathy & Stupidity apparently rule the day...

Tomorrow is Sunday & we approach the THANKSGIVING SEASON...I can STATE quite proudly I am of a dying breed ....a CHRISTIAN & I thank God everyday for my Blessings....I have a VERY GOOD FAMILY. I have Friends that love me like a Brother....Materially I am a Poor Man, but the TREASURES in my life are the little things,,,By that I mean what really makes life worth living are the REAL CARING PEOPLE (Flaws & All) that I can call my friends & my loves.....

Yesterdays AMERICA ,I loved & Treasured.....Today's America I totally DESPISE ....

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OK you can call me a "Doubting Thomas" or for that matter if you want to just say I DON'T BELIEVE a word this Pathetic Governments says...I'm good with that...That also includes the LIARS, The PARROTS, the TALKING BOBBLE-HEADS of the MEDIA....They are just Kissing Cousins anyway....literally ....But I want to remind people that somewhere you have to PROVE your case ....Has anyone else besides me EVER been "Audited" by the ,Internal Revenue Service? Was it FUN? Was it just a walk down memory lane? Did they buy you Lunch? Did they make you feel Loved & Appreciated ? Or did they make you FEEL like a Criminal, a Liar, a Thief or a Con?. After 30 minutes with them I felt like I had been ,"Water-Boarded" & needed a Lawyer to Grunt....And no they don't tell you your RIGHTS either....So you can FORGET the PERRY MASON myth...
In short I had to PROVE every action, every purchase & every need that I did was related to Business....They also wanted me to go back 10 years....Every receipt & expense had to be accounted for....Shouldn't we face the UGLY REALITY that this COMMUNIST Government is actually just like Al Capone in the EXTORTION Racket ....That's part & parcel what FEAR is all about....
In recent days we've had the Attacks in PARIS, we are also having 10'000 MUSLIMS shoved up our....well you know what....An all Barry does is walk out to the podium , tele-prompter rolling & tell the World THERE'S NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT....ISIS is contained....It won't happen here & it can't happen here because I, QUEEN BARRY the MESSIAH will protect my little flock of SHEEP & GOATS...Remember now this is the Thin-Skinned sociopath that put on his/her or it's SUPERGIRL CAPE & killed "BIN LADEN" with his Breath, his Oratory Expertise or in other words B.S...Well again call me a "Doubting Thomas" but where are the "BONA FIDES?"....I realize I am an absolute ZERO this this Worthless KUMQUAT (Fruitcake)....but I HAD to Prove it or Lose it...Yes I know full well Mr. Narcissus is SO-MUCH above all of this tedious, redundant minutia of Madness that the REST of this NOT-SO-FREE World has to deal with....

So now we are being told HE is Bombing certain targets now....Sure He is?....And HE is Destroying the Enemy.....Sure HE is? He is Winning the WAR against Terrorism ...Sure HE is?
Where's the BEEF, BARRY? Where's the Proof ? Where's the Bona Fides? And then he will have leaked file footage of OIL FIELD TANKERS being destroyed? Honesty do you REALLY BELIEVE all this CACA (excrement)....I mean to say this is the Worlds Most Articulate SOCIOPATH, if he says it , its Gospel ? B S..This GOVERNMENT OWNS the MEDIA....I personally believe much of this CRAPOLA we are shone as PROOF is STAGED, SCRIPTED & ACTED....and this is eerily similes to HITLER & GOEBBELS Germany....Do I need to mention or remind you of WHO ...GEORGE SOROS is?..
At this very moment the next Sequel to the Series , "The Death Of America" is being filmed in a Hollywood Sound Studio....Another Muslim Bomb, another Market Crash...who knows , but coming to the TELEVISION is the Next Chapter...Oh if you listen you can hear Spielberg, Clooney or some other HOLLEYWEIRD LOONY yell ,"LIGHTS, CAMERAS , ACTION"...Popcorn Free for Welfare Parasites...

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The Road Toward The Destruction Of Western Civilization

I happen to agree with the author of this essay that threats emerge from without as well as from within. I personally would go a bit further and posit that the planned decay from within makes a nation ripe for intended destruction from without. I would also say that Islam is about more than just forced conversion. It is about establishing a Caliphate which, in reality, is the aim of the globalist elites who are using it to establish a one world government. An oppressed and fearful populace is far easier to manage than one in which the exchange of ideas and the questioning of authority is the norm.

Radical Islamic fundamentalism governs every aspect of the society and the lives of all the individuals over which it rules. There is no better totalitarian system that can serve the purpose of the elitist political class.

How Western Civilization Can Be Destroyed 

by Herbert London

The historian Arnold Toynbee once wrote – in what has become a cliché – that “Civilizations die as a result of suicide, rather than murder.” Toynbee was obviously referring to self-inflicted wounds – moral breakdown, loss of confidence. Alas, that can now be observed across the western civilization landscape. The irrational attacks on the First Amendment by students at Yale and University of Missouri and the metastizing spread of hateful and divisive diatribes in institutions of so-called higher learning point to a desire to destroy western civilization.

It appears to be working. The cowardice of those who should resist the loud and defiant is also on display. The White House is conspicuously absent from this assault on basic freedom. Fear seems to have locked the lips of sensible voices. And mainstream media rationalize the mindless and bullying behavior of soi disant campus revolutionaries. It is a magisterial failure that warrants attention as a civilizational affliction.

Hillary Clinton Can't take A Joke :


Clinton Goes after Laugh Factory Comedians for Making Fun of Her 

In what appears to be a first for a serious presidential contender, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is going after five comedians who made fun of the former Secretary of State in stand up skits at a popular Hollywood comedy club.


Leading Irregular Warfare Expert:


We are at war with incarnate Evil 

Incarnate Evil

Transcript excerpt by Sarah Angelopoulos on facebook:

“ISIS is the only insurgency in human history to hold territories in multiple nations and multiple continents. They hold territory in Iraq and in Syria larger than the territory of the United Kingdom. And after Boko Haram was accepted into their fold, all Boko Haram territory in Nigeria falls under the caliphate of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the head of ISIS. This is a threat the likes of which we have never before seen and is much, much, more dangerous than Al Qaeda ever was. We have an administration that for seven years has censored our analysis. You can’t talk about Jihad in federal training. You can’t talk about the actual religious motivation of suicide bombers of Jihadi terrorists. How can you defeat an enemy you can’t describe? It’s like deploying to the beaches of Normandy in 1944, but telling our brave servicemen, “Hang on, guys, don’t use the word Nazi, cause you might offend somebody.” You would be court martialed in WWII for doing that. That is what we are doing today to our brave servicemen, our federal agents, and members of our intelligence community.

Dr. Gorka writes:

It’s unconscionable that SecState Kerry said that with the death of Jihadi John ISIS is losing and we are winning. Jihadi John wanted to die and be a martyr. The fact that he died isn’t going to stop anybody. And when more Jihadis are killed, they will be praised on Twitter feeds as shahids–martyrs–to the cause of Allah and the creation of the caliphate.

I have been stunned by the number of posts and requests I have received tonight on Social Media when I left the FOX News TV studio in DC where I did my interview with Megyn Kelly.

Thank you all for your incredibly kind and encouraging words.

Now I have a request to make to you all.

Educate yourselves and your loved ones and SPREAD THE WORD.

We are at war with incarnate Evil.

read more:>>>>>Here

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